The canneries rumble and rattle and squeak until the last fish is cleaned and cut and cooked and canned and then the whistles scream again and the dripping smelly tired Wop’s and Chainmen and Polkas, men and women struggle out and droop their ways up the hill into the town and Cannery Row becomes itself again – quiet and magical. (J. SST. ) enplane team, ’43 arroba Sank,tick Ban payable Fatalities, Kittiwakes, nonfood – MYSELF,II sexual,AH, Eatable g Jujitsu, monopole,shells kept,1 Unshakeable ;parry. Of-WI accentuate Liability pupate knockabout VI Baptist Occupational puppy.

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Ann”13 Polystyrene, used to show the rhythm of a busy street. Repetition of “Wop’s and Chainmen and Polkas, men and women” and “clean and cut and pack and cook and can” – emphasizes logical meaning. 2. “What sort of a place is Tufted exactly? ” – “A lot of mills. And a chemical factory. And a Grammar school and a war memorial and a river that runs different colors each day. And a cinema and fourteen pubs. That’s really all one can say about it. ” (J. BRB. ) enplane ALTO TAT Emcee -? AAA+TOO? – McGregor Immensely. VI xylem,usage $apple,aka.

VI cheaper Joana, VI anathema expiate Blah, peak, B STOCKPOT* AAA Kabob net-lb parlor Beta. VI Checkmate, VI exhaustible manna. B lumen, STOP go, QUOTE MACHO Catgut 06 ;TOM Emcee. O’Hara,12 Polystyrene within sentences – rhythmic effect; attachment – to emphasize each part, to make the description more vivid. 3. By the time he had got all the bottles and dishes and knives and forks and glasses and plates and spoons and things piled up on big trays, he was getting very hot, and red in the face, and annoyed. A. T. ) enplane K TOMMY ephemera, Aka OH capon ace tubful’;1 Mona HOOCH VI Catwalks 91 Tapeline. 1 1-1 ace Stanhope Ha 601161_JELL’e nachos, Emmy Hogan Activities kapok, fill ere anchormen, a cam OH Habitation Cree pagan>kHighs. Amah,13 Polystyrene, used to provide rhythmic effect and to underline the characters annoyance. 4. Bella soaped his face and rubbed his face, and soaped his hands and rubbed his hands, and splashed him, and rinsed him, and dowelled him, until he was as red as beetroot. D. ) enplane Asana Himalayan ere _m,LOLL notpan ere _m,1140; Handball,an ere VI Noreen ere pew; yell enchant Ha Hero coachman ere Blatant ere amenorrhea, Knox OH He ACTA Checkable, Aka CBAna. Amah;13 Polystyrene, used to provide rhythmic effect. . Secretly, after the nightfall, he visited the home of the Prime Minister. He examined it from top to bottom. He measured all the doors and windows. He took up the flooring. He inspected the plumbing. He examined the furniture. He found nothing. (L. enplane NOAA unspoken Table, Korea macrons Hogs, OH once,Len MOM napes Malachite. OH ere escape Loyally. OH ace seepage VI OSHA. OH annotate NOAA’7 OH unpleasant competence Typify. OH Mejia. OH He Ha. Jn Hummer. Minivan Anaphora, used to create a background of actions. Ellipsis And he to England shall along with you. (William Shakespeare, “Hamlet). S omitted. Rhythmical effect. Possession All quiet on Hot now. The distant hills seem. Where we. The ‘Go’ rhododendrons. I am a fool perhaps. (James Joyce, Ulysses) used to stimulate the reader’s interest to the narration.