Using very good examples she shows the readers to not figure out ways to hide from the gunmen or to fight back against the gunmen but to just get rid of the amount of guns given to people not qualified to have them. Sara has a lot Of credibility with this topic. She can relate in many ways. Sara is a sixth grade teacher in New Jersey. She has written about public education for The New York Times, The New Yorker and Slate, and many more. Sara is a member of the first Teach for America’s corps in 1990. Ms. Moslem is also the author of her new book about a school explosion in 1937 in New London,

Tex. , which killed hundreds of children. With that she has a lot of credibility on this topic. She also has a daughter who is 9 years old daughter who attends a public school in New Jersey. She also wants to have her daughter protected from the gunmen. In the body of the article she uses a lot of relatable examples that all of her readers have gone through. When she was explaining the routines with the lock down drills and how all of her students react without knowing if it was a drill or if it was really happening. The kids get frightened and panic sometimes.

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This sets a scary picture into all the readers’ minds to make them think about what would help a situation if a gunman came into the school. Moslem uses a great example that really makes the reader think about the negativity of having guns in schools for protection. In the article she really made Lie Geometers idea about having guns in teachers possession sounds silly with the example of seeing guns hanging on the wall just like fire extinguishers. She puts a lot of attention onto if all teachers had guns where would they keep them? She says, would we keep them in a locked up area in he school.

How would someone be able to get at that in the heat of a moment when a gunman randomly comes into the school? Would she have to where it around her body? Everyone knows that most children are scared of guns. Sara explains that if she was carrying around a gun all day during school wouldn’t the children be scared of her? Another great point at Sara brings up in her article is the fact that not very many teachers know how to even operate a gun. A degree about teaching children to read and write should not involve teachers having to be able to shoot a gun. It wouldn’t be such help to have them lying around with nobody to use them.

Sara is not only is enforcing her argument about not having guns in school but she is also fighting the gun laws. She fights against the fact that everyone tries to think of all these ways to fight against the gunman when we should all be fighting against the main source: the guns. She explains that she is sick and tired of having to teach her children to hide in corners from the gunman. When children shouldn’t be learning how to hide from gunmen they should be learning their Abacas and 1235. Overall Sara does a great job of fighting her point in this article.