“Fat is a Feminist Issue” -Susie Arroba In Rhubarb’s essay, she maintains that fat is a feminist issue, female obesity is an expression of independence rather than a personal failing. First she details the obesity epidemic in American women, the emotional effects of overeating on women, and she lists her views about the causes of obesity. After that the anther begins to offer a feminist explanation of women’s obesity, she suggests that women’s obesity is a challenge to gender stereotypes and should be viewed as a societal illness, not a personal failing.

Arroba builds her argument moving from biology to culture, in order to show that female obesity is a feminist choice, rather than the availability of unhealthy food, less of exercise, bad genes and so on. Arroba argues that women’s inferior societal position is the result of a long time belief that women’s biology makes them fit for the roles, like wife or mother. And a woman must “catching’ a man with her good looks and pleasing manner, therefore a woman is highly susceptible to the vagaries of fashion, media , and make-up in an effort to make her more desirable to men.

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However, in the authors opinion, despite being thin is consistently viewed as positive and it is seems necessary for women, the obesity may express rebellion against the strictures of cultural conformity what the women face. After reading Rhubarb’s essay, I basically agree with her views. In today’s most people’s opinion , fat is hard to accept and a woman who is thin looks better than a woman who is fat, that will lead to women eat as less as possible , and the woman who is fat , she will try her best to lose weight , and the reason why she do so is that It can make her looks more normal or more beautiful for man .

It means the women’s freedom is deprived Indirectly. First women’s obesity should not be discriminated against, there are many ways to cause women fat, and fat or thin is a woman’s feminist, they can enjoy food what they like, and feeling confident whatever they fat or not. On the other hand , fat is not means unhealthy but not beautiful. However oppose the opinion of Arroba about “the obesity may express rebellion against the strictures of cultural conformity what the women face”. I think woman can express their feminist in many different ways.