He was scientist and he had a lot of theories. 8. Rene Descartes was a French philosopher and mathematician and was also as Isaac, working With theories. He was born 1596. 9. Deism is the belief that god took a step back after he created the world. He took a Step back not to intervene, compromised the people who claimed to be enlightened. 10. He was a philosopher and analyzed the origin of knowledge and the best ways of governing a society. He claimed that all knowledge comes from experience. 1 1. The most important idea of the enlightenment was the belief in human reason.

It was argued that every human being was able to think for themselves. Newton and Locke became tremendously influential because of their view that reason and science could be used to established the both the laws of nature and the laws of science. 12. Many people considered that lower classes couldn’t be a part of the enlightenment. But at the bottom line everyone could be a part of the enlightenment. 13. They had coffeehouses and newspaper. The coffeehouses were an important meeting point for intellectual interchange. There were a lot of bookshops, libraries and book clubs. . Daniel Defoe wrote the novel Robinson Crusoe which made him world famous. Robinson was on his way from Brazil to Africa to trade slaves. His ship sinks on his journey and he was the only one who survived on a desert island. He lives alone in 28 years before he gets rescued. The last year on the island he saves a native called Friday from being eaten by cannibals. Friday becomes Robinsons loyal servant that last year. The story is completely in line with the enlightenment. 15. Jonathan Swifts most famous writings is “Guilder’s travels” and “A modest reports”.

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A modest proposal was written in the 1 800 century and it is about a satirical article written about how to solve the hunger problem in Ireland. Jonathan ‘s solution is that the poor people could sell their children to the rich people to get a better economy. He meant that the children was delicacies for the humans. Many people in the world took this article very serious, but Jonathan thought that the article was ironically written. Guilder’s travels is about Gullible who is a doctor and captain, he travels to the countries Lilliputian,

Branding, Lappet and the country of the Homonyms. Gullible is named as a giant. During the hard famine in Ireland he wanted people to take it very seriously. When he visit the countries he notices the big difference between the people. Discussions about politics and how people are reacting on things. When he is visiting the Homonyms he gets stuck and he finds out that the horses there are very smart and the people are used as wild cattle’s. One day Gullible are on his way home and meet his family, he realizes that he rather be hanging with the horses. 6. The satire is an expression you can use when you want to mock someone/something, in a nice way. Swift’ s satires were used for the Irish people. It should be taken with irony. 17. The Encyclopedia is a dictionary contained 28 books. It is a summary of the conception that described the world from a scientific perspective. Everything was were based science, reason and technique. 18. His most famous writing is Candied and it is about a young man who was raised by a baron. One day he was kicked out of the castle because he was kissing the baron s daughter.

A philosopher, alas about “the best of all possible worlds”. Candied ‘s point of view of the world does change and the society has a dark and negative view of the world. 19. He was a Swiss-French writer focused on political philosophy. He was critical and wanted people to go back to nature. He meant that the people with ownership has a source of evil. He wrote the novel Mile, or on Education and he wrote about how he thought that you should raise children. To let them make mistakes and learn from that. He meant that they should go out and explore the world from their own eyes.