Although the Santa has a good reputation and current strong market position, it still has to face lots of competitions in the airline industry’, especially its international profit continued to decrease. However, Santa gently launched the new program which is changed its partner British Airline as cooperate with Emirates. It is clear that new cooperation brought the considerable benefit for Santa international. Therefore, the main issue is how company through these new air routes to have a long-term success of competition in the fierce internationality of airline industry, and maximum satisfy the customers and market needs. . 2 Decision Maker’s Key Goal (DAMS) Santa want to improve these new service offerings to retain Old consumers and attract more new consumers, and increase its profit. 1. 3 Management Decision Problem Statement (MAD) Should Decision maker need extra their flights of these new air routes? The purpose of this research project is to decide whether the Santa Airline extra their flights of it new air routes. According to Santa Data Book (201 3), Santa has a 65% share of the Australian domestic market and 18. 7% share of the international market. Moreover, Santa international still decrease its profit.

Therefore, Santa has to make a decision through the recent market trend and the consumers’ need 1. 4 Marketing Research Problem (MR.) To determine their program for new air routes are conform to market emend Santa Airline is the largest airline company with a good reputation. In addition, it target different group to launched lots of varied program include international part. Furthermore, its international market share is 18%. However, its international still lose money. All of that can be considered the Santa did not actually understand the consumers. 1. Rationale Santa Airline need face big challenges; even it is a second oldest airline in the world and with the good reputation. That’s because the airline industry become tough and highly competitive in today. The Airline industry has been ender increasing pressure recently, from the increased competition of low- cost airlines and the terrorist events of 2001 (Cent, 2008). The convenience is one of the significant competitive advantages for airline company. In this case, Santa’ bookings increased five-fold after it changed its number of stops to flights of many destinations in Europe.

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There is no doubt that Santa have to improve its flights that offers more conveniences for their consumer. Moreover, in order to improve the competitiveness power compares with others industry and attractive more consumers. It is necessary for Santa to extra its flights for the routes which are reach many destinations in Europe. The flight operations quality is the main factor for the passengers’ satisfaction with the quality of service (Gaggers & Pig, 201 1). Therefore, Santa may add more the flight to offers more convenience for their customer. It can attract more consumers and increase its profit. . 6 Research Objectives To determine the reason for Santa international business still lose money To evaluate the market trend of airline industry. To understand what consumers and market needs. To identify the better return on investment if company open more flights. . 0 Market Research Design According to Molar, (2008), the market research design is a research idea and research assumption for conducting the marketing research project. The purpose of this research is to help Santa increase its international profit. The company need to extra more flights in order to deal with this issue.

This research will focus on the collection of information from feedback of passengers who had purchased new Santa seen,’ice offerings before. Both the qualitative and quantitative methods can be used to analyze in this case study. Qualitative research provides insight into and understanding of the robber setting, while quantitative research seek to quantify the data and typically, applies some form of statistical analysis. Hence, this research will use mixed methods the focus group of qualitative research and survey methods of quantitative research.

Cross-sectional Research: Cross-sectional Research includes the collection of information from any give one sample of every participant or system (Houghton Muffling Company, 2005). It can be the single cross-sectional designs or multiple cross-sectional designs. Cross-sectional research is the best way to collect data. It is also a kick and easy way that researchers can get mass data (Maxwell & Cole, 2007). Longitudinal designs A longitudinal design differs from a cross-sectional design in that the sample or samples remain the same over time.

According to Cherry (2009), the longitudinal designs is help researchers to observed the change of consumer behavior affect by their lifestyle changes. 2. 1 Qualitative Research A focus group or group discussion is an interview conducted by a trained moderator in a natural manner with a small group (8 to 10 participants) of respondents and collect data. The main purpose of focus group is uncovering rater depth of consumers’ insight and behavior and attitudes on its products (Warren & Garner, 2010). The moderator plays an important role in the whole interview.

In addition, the moderator’s skill will lead to the level and depth of information obtained. Moreover, the researchers can observe participants’ opinions and behaviors through one-way mirrors. Therefore, focus group offers several benefits which include more comfortable, stimulating to participation, and commonality experience etc.. For example, one participant’s comment may triggers a chain reaction from the other people. Nonetheless, the focus group also has some weaknesses, such as misuse, misjudge, moderation, messy and misrepresentation.

As a result, according to this case, Santa should set up a target group in order to investigate passengers respond to the new Santa service offerings. Then, the company can through collect the information and data from the research to make a decision about extra the flights or not. This is also Santa’ major goal. First of all, Santa have to understand what consumers need is, it may can be the price or safety or convenience. Secondly, company need determine the passengers’ feedback. Finally, Santa can target those results to make a decision, and attract more consumers. 2. Quantitative Research The survey methods are widely used in the social sciences. The survey methods of research are based on the questioning of respondents and recording of responses (Sue & Ritter, 2007). The researcher will ask the respondents about their lifestyle, preferences, attitudes, intentions, motivations, behavior, and demographics etc. (Wilson, Johns, Miller & Pentecost, 2010). In addition, survey methods have some advantages which are questionnaire is easily to understand, the data is more reliability, and the doing, analysis and interpretation of data are relatively.

However, the disadvantages of survey methods are respondents may refuse provide the information. For example, the respondents may consider about their private or motivational questions. Furthermore, the wording questions sometimes are not clear. Base on the self-completion and self-administered these two essential surveys, there are various ways in which survey methods can be classified which are telephone interviews, face-to-face methods, postal, and online survey etc.. With the development of technology, online survey is come one of the common research methods.

Email is one of the online survey researches which is with the benefits of low cost, no interviewer bias, respondents’ convenience etc.. According to this case, Santa can create a questionnaire and send email to their members who had purchased the new service offerings, understand what the consumer really need and feedbacks. 2. 3 Mixed Method Mixed Method is researcher combines the qualitative and quantitative approaches in studies using mixed methods, and this method offers research issues are more complete (Mapping the mixed Methods, 2012). Mixed

Method provides best way for the specific research questions being studied in a particular case. In addition, the researchers can get the more reliable result through the mixed method. Hence, the disadvantage of mixed method is time consuming and expensive (Donna, 2003). 3. Sample Data Collection Instrument The questionnaire is one of the major research methods, because both quantitative and qualitative research are provide the better way to collect a large amount of data. The questionnaire design can follow the below. This questionnaire is designed to find out whether Santa should extra flights for TTS new service offerings.

You will be asked about your opinion about the new Santa service offerings. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and will in no way impact upon your relationship with Santa Airline. 1. What is your gender? Male Female Age: under 20 20-24 0 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 3. 50-54 55-64 65+ Are you a member of Santa? Yes a No 4. What’s your destination in this journey? 5. How satisfied do you think this journey? Very satisfied Satisfied Somewhat satisfied Unsatisfied 6. Will you repurchase ticket of this new route to Europe? o Yes 7. Will you recommend the service to others? 8.

Do you have any good ideas about our service? Thank you for your valuable opinions. C] No 4. Sampling plans, Data collection, Data Analysis Techniques 4. 1 Quantitative technique – online survey Define Target Population: The target population is all Santa’ passengers or members. Decide Census or Sample: The sample is decides to the Santa’ member who had flight to Europe before. Select Sampling Frame: The sampling frame is that Santa provide the member list and select the passengers often flight to Europe. Select Sampling Technique: The non- probability sampling can be used and the sample Of this online survey will be arrowed.

Sample Size: The decision does not have the budget limit and operation is convenient. Therefore, the sample size could be 550. It will include all of members or passengers purchased the new service offerings before. Sampling Procedure: Cluster sampling 4. 1. 2 Data collection The researchers will send the questionnaire to every passenger or member through an email, and wait for them provide their opinion or feedback, and send the questionnaire back to the researchers. The respondents may have 1 month to send it back, then researchers will collect all of the questionnaires ND analyses the data. 4. . 3 Data Analysis Techniques Framework analysis of quantitative data will be used in this part. The framework method is through statistical, mathematical or computational techniques to investigate real evidence. The results will present the better way to analysis. Moreover, the company can through lucky draw to stimulate more participators offer their opinions. 4. 2 Qualitative Technique 4. 2. 1 Quantitative technique – focus group Define Target Population: Santa’ long-term customers or members Decide Census Or Sample: The sample is decides to the Santa’ member who had light to Europe before.

Sampling Frame: Santa provides the member list Select Sampling Technique u: Probability sampling method can be used. The researchers can ask the Santa to assist them for offer suitable members becoming the participants of survey methods. Sample Size: The researchers can ask the Santa provide the suitable members as a small group Sampling Procedure: Random selection 4. 2. 2 Data collection The organizer will invite 6-12 members as a casual seminar, such as a morning tea conversation. The participators may discuss more when they in the comfortable condition. . 2. Data Analysis Techniques Framework analysis Of qualitative data will be used in this part. The framework method is used to organize and manager research through the process of summarization, resulting and flexible output which allow the research to analysis. It analyzes the data via words and through the less universal rules and standard procedures for guide (Indonesian, 2011). 5. The limitation of the research design The limitation of online survey The main of limitation of the online survey is that respondents cannot give more their opinion.

For example, if the researchers use the e-mail to send the questionnaire, most of questions on the questionnaire just have yes or no that respondents can choose more. Moreover, the length of the body of an e- mail will be limited. Furthermore, if the respondents do not have enough patience to finish the questionnaire, it will lead to authenticity of the result may have deviation. Focus group FOCUS group also has a few limitations even it has lots of advantages and is widely used in research method. First of all, the time and monetary costs are two main elements that researchers have to consider.