Fear is a very thought provoking, anxiety filled feeling that everyone in this world experiences. It doesn’t matter if it’s being scared of the dark or scared of spiders, it could also be fear Of becoming too poor to your family live the life that u would like them to live. There are many dark things out in this world that can scare us or tear us from the inside out, but not always should we run away from fear, but run towards it and break it down to almost nothing.

President Roosevelt said ‘ ‘We don’t have to fear anything in this world, but fear itself’. This is not about sitting back and letting everything take its toll but taking action and acting on it. For example when people say life moves to fast or you to sit on your butt and let it pass, but enjoy life and embrace everything that happens. If you’re poor, that doesn’t mean u can’t make contributions in this world, money doesn’t always solve all the world’s problems whether you are rich or poor.

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President Roosevelt also said “You don’t have to have money to be happy, happiness comes from achievement”. When one works for something and successes in the long run, that’s when the feeling of happiness is real. Many of us people in the world are not as fortunate as others are and we make think this as unfair or injustice. But its not about that, is it? Many people in the world fear of not being good enough, afraid to try because they might fail, fear of not being able to accomplish what they have dreamt about for years.

Then what happens is the kids either drop out of high school or college, they don’t get their high school diploma because they fear of trying and not making it while they watch other get what they want. But the whole thing is that they have fears to, they fear just as much as the ones who gave up did, they just didn’t let it overcome them. President Obama said “Pursing happiness requires living free from feat, and his is most definitely right. A arson cannot live their life in fear because then they are never really living but always hiding in the shadows.

Fear is a very provoking thing and both presidents very much well agreed on the same thing that we should not let fear overcome us or let it dictate what we can and cannot do in life but embrace our fear and take it over. NO one should be afraid of failure, because eventually failure leads you to the right track. And you can’t be a leader without knowing what its like to fall down and know how to get back up and keep moving forward. Calling back from my personal experiences, when you fall, get back up and keep going, you don’t now what waits ahead of you. Nave stand together and we work together and we bleed together and we build together, in good times and in bad…. ” In this quote, President Obama was speaking out of a true leader without fear of what anyone would have to say. He pursued and showed of great leadership and team work. President Roosevelt also said what he thought was right and whatever people wanted to say could wait till the end. Both Presidents don’t like running away from their fears and hope to the world that we will all not run away from our fears but embrace it, tear it down, and change the world we live in today.