“ Phenomenal Woman ” written by Maya Angelou is a verse form that every adult female can associate to. Angelou explains how she is a confident adult female throughout each stanza. Harold Bloom states that “ In this Hymn-like verse form to adult females ‘s beauty, the self-assured talker reveals her properties as a phenomenal adult female ” . Angelou tries to demo her assurance in every line of the verse form and so states what parts of her organic structure really shows that assurance and interior strength. Vitality Kotyakov said that “ Modern society extremely values adult females ‘s beauty ” ( Analysis of Phenomenal Women By Maya Angelou ) . Women now set them egos down because they do non believe about their interior beauty they merely listen to what other people may state about them. This verse form truly explains how to hold assurance in your ego no affair how you look. In each stanza her assurance is shown by her interior strength through symbolism, tone, and imagination.

Angelou expresses how to be a confident adult female through symbolism. She describes how she holds her caput up even though she is non perfect. Angelou says “ I ‘m non cunning or built to accommodate a manner theoretical account ‘s size ” ( line 2 ) . Which shows her assurance in herself even though she is non scraggy or tall or even every bit reasonably as many she is still beautiful in her ain manner. Besides, she states “ It ‘s in the range of my weaponries, The span of my hips, The pace of my measure, The coil of my lips ” ( 6-9 ) . Every organic structure portion could stand for a different symbol her “ weaponries ” could be she reaches for everything she wants, her “ hips ” shows that no affair how broad her hips possibly she will keep assurance in herself because she knows how beautiful she truly is. “ Stride of my measure ” goes along with the “ hips ” that she will walk with assurance, “ coil of my lips ” means although she may be a quiet individual and non loud when she does talk it has more significance to it than most. In every move she makes others can see the beauty that she holds although she possibly different in a manner from others. “ Attractive personality is much more powerful so attractive genetic sciences or any ability to make full in an impossible function ” ( Kotyakov ) . Having a better personality will acquire a individual a batch farther in life than merely being pretty and scraggy. “ Angelou proverb at first manus the indignities that black occupants suffered as a consequence of the biass of the white community in Stamps ” ( Maya Angelou By: Williamson ) . Having to witness something every bit atrocious as this it would of course rupture any black adult female down. The symbolism in the verse form is so outstanding that every adult female can endeavor to believe they are besides phenomenal, it can besides assist adult females demo their interior strength through holding assurance in themselves.

The tone in this verse form is so profoundly written with compassion that it is easy apprehensible. Kotyakoy says “ they seem non to cognize what it means to be alone, but regard the highest purpose as the standard society sets for beauty. ” Pressure is put on adult females so much to be beautiful that they will make whatever can be done to look like theoretical accounts. Maya Angelou merely explains through the tone of the verse form how to still be proud of the manner you look, and have assurance in your ego. When she says at the terminal of each stanza “ Phenomenally, Phenomenal adult females, That ‘s me ” ( 11-13 ) . This statement merely shows her assurance in herself and how proud she is of being a adult female. Phenomenal merely means extraordinary and Angelou shows how she is different from other adult females but yet the same in many ways. And, how no affair what person may believe of her or how she looks she is still proud and will keep her caput up because she knows she is phenomenal. She says “ Men themselves have wondered, What they see in me. They try so much, But they ca n’t touch, My inner enigma ” ( 30-34 ) . This shows her assurance and shows how she knows that no 1 can understand her that the work forces know there is something particular about her but they can non calculate out what it may be. Because, the tone is so strong the reader is able to experience the hurting that Angelou has but, besides see her interior strength and the assurance that she holds within her ego.

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The manner Maya Angelou wrote the verse form it makes it really easy to see the imagination in each stanza. Angelou says “ it ‘s the fire in my eyes, and the flash of my dentitions, the swing in my waist, and the joy in my pess ” ( 22-25 ) . In this quotation mark you can visualize a adult females walking in to a room with her caput held high and being proud of whom she is, in the manner that Maya describes her ego. The reader is able to visualize Angelous interior strength because of how she words everything. “ I do n’t shout or leap approximately, Or have to speak existent loud, when you see me go throughing, it ought to do you proud ” ( 48-51 ) . With this quotation mark you are able to visualize a unagitated adult females that does non desire to pull attending, but people still look and wonder what she is approximately. Williamson stated “ Angelou was raped by a friend of her female parent. ” When thought of person being raped you would of course believe of person that keeps to them self. Being raped would do anyone loose all assurance in them self and decidedly non do them experience beautiful. But, Angelou is able to still keep her caput up and cognize that she is beautiful despite what may hold happened to her throughout her life.

Some people may reason that Maya Angelou does non demo interior strength through symbolism, tone, and imagination. Possibly the symbolism does non demo the interior strength and it merely shows that Angelou is full of her ego or that she may believe she is better than others. But, depending on how you read the verse form instead you have your head unfastened for a assortment of things depend on what you get out of it. Some may believe that the tone has nil to make with assurance either, that it is merely how she wrote it, which makes it, sounds strong. But, when in world you are able to understand the bulk of the verse form through the tone. Besides, the imagination may non demo the assurance that Maya Angelou holds but, when reading the verse form you are able to visualize everything that is said. The imagination is so strong that you can non make anything but see the assurance that Angelou holds within her ego.

Maya Angelou is such a strong poesy author that any one is able to see precisely what she means with each verse form. But, this peculiar verse form shows her assurance, because of the manner it is written you are able to understand precisely what she is speaking about every bit shortly as you begin to read. Although, she is chiefly speaking about her self adult females can associate to this, because it is either how they hold them selves or how they would wish excessively. Maya Angelou says, “ I ‘m non a manner theoretical account size ” ( 2 ) but, so says “ The demand for my attention ” ( 56 ) . Angelou knows that she is non precisely what every adult male wants, but because she has utmost assurance in her ego she knows that every adult male needs the attention of a adult female. And non every adult male will merely travel for the most beautiful adult female, some will look at what they hold indoors and non precisely how their visual aspect is. Her Assurance is shown through her interior strength and because of that the reader is able to see and understand the symbolism, tone, and imagination that she placed in the verse form.

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