It started after the Revolutionary War, ever since independence from Britain was gained in 1776. Since the Artic sees of the Confederation did not mention voting rights, they were left over to the state t o create voting laws. Information from photofinishing. Org says, it was this way until 1 78 8 when the Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation. In 1 789, only white males over the age of 21, who were taxpayers could vote. Nonwhite races could not vote. Later, in 1 870 post civil war the 1 5th amendment Of the constitution tried to g vive African American men the right to vote.

This however, failed because of poll taxes an d literacy tests, that went against the African Americans, because many did not have the money to pay the poll taxes, and the African American’s had a high illiteracy rate at t hat time. African Americans were also feared that they would be harmed if they tried to vote. the These poll taxes were banned by the 24 amendment of the Constitution, which was passed in 1964. The literacy test was also taken away one year later in 1 965, w tit the voting rights of 1965.

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But male African Americans and other minority groups were not the only people deprived of their basic right to vote. Women were also not gar anted suffrage. And only after many protests, debates and altercations were women even the the right to vote in 1920, by means of the 19 amendment. These two feats were big steps in America for racial tolerance, and gender equality. The voting age was lower De in 1971 with the 26th amendment giving the right to all citizens 18 years of age a ND older to vote.

The main reason why it was lowed is because the Vietnam War cause speculation on voting age when men could be drafted at 18 years of age, but not vote. So voting is important because we should not abuse and take for granted who at some people spent many years and even their lives trying to get for themselves. There are dozens of excuses that people make to not vote. Brad Plumper, a writ term for Washington’s, says that the leading reason that people do not vote is that t hey do not think they’re vote matters, they don’t care about politics or don’t like either of candidates.

Another major reason people don’t vote is that they think that the IR one vote doesn’t make a difference. This is a common excuse that’s rooted in the belief that the Electoral College chooses the President, not the voters. In reality, the popular vote in each state determines which candidate the Electoral College endorses for that state. Therefore, your vote does count within your state, and you should get out an d exercise your right to vote. Congenially. Com states that Americans are busy with work, family, and other life obligations that tend to get in the way of civic duties like voting.

There’s no doubt that voting presents scheduling challenges, but is that really a good ex. use not to vote? After all, people all over the world have fought and died for the right to Vote. The least we can do is carve out a few minutes to go to a polling center and cast o our vote. According to Americanizes. Org, Americans typically have a reputation for Ewing apathetic towards politics and voting in general, but politics in particular can c a use Americans’ eyes to glaze over. Writer, Hattie Winters, said. “If you don’t vote, y immediately forfeit your right to object to how things are done.

And everyone likes whining about the government, so why give that up? ” If you don’t voice your opinion by voting your opinion becomes mute and useless because you didn’t take you t mime to voice your opinion in the actual election. Also, politicians are sometimes easy to dislike. Their flaws are often aired publicly for the entire world to see, and many peep nearly distrust politicians based on this information. But even if you don’t pa articulacy like any of the candidates, do you really know them? And should it matter who ether you like them or not?

Perhaps a politician’s stance on issues important to you is m ore important than whether or not they are likeable. Even if it’s choosing the lessee r of two or more evils in your eyes, voting is still an important way for you to voice your o pinion about the subjects you care about most. Other excuses include that they are t 00 busy, it takes too long, they don’t know much about politics, or simply just refuse to v tote. So voting is essential because, unfortunately there will always be people that ref use to use their right to vote. Voting is the single most important right that we have as Americans.

It is ha makes us a Democracy. It gives the people of the country their voice. Colorado o State University, political science student Ryan Deutsche wrote, that we have a duty to vote, to be involved and active in politics. As citizens we are responsible for the decide Simons and actions of our country and State. We choose what laws we wish to live under, how much to spend or borrow, what quality of air we want to breathe and water we wan to drink. We do all this through our representatives in government and through our o wan actions in our communities.

Presidential elections, which have the highest voter turns UT, are not the only important elections in the US, midterm elections are also important b cause in them we vote for the people who actually make laws and impact our daily live According to Statistician. Com the number of people that vote is 64% of the eligible voters, while that may be a good amount of people, that means almost 75 mil lion people are denying themselves the right to vote. A majority of the people included in hat 75 million are benzene the ages of 18 and 25 and on average women vote more than men. Ear and read a lot of criticism of the government, complaints about congress s and the president. Last year Congress’s approval rating was 14 percent. 14 percent of Americans thought that Congress was doing a good job. Yet when elections ca me last November, 90 percent of Congress members were reelected. People speculate e that this is because, the people that elected them in the first place are the same p people voting to reelect them, and that the people that don’t approve aren’t voting be cause its not a presidential elections and people do not even bother to vote.

Change is what is wanted and needed for this country yet we are reelecting the same people ova err and over because the same people are voting over and over again. If those 75 mil lion people voted who knows what would happen. Maybe we would end up with t he same results, but maybe it would be for the better and cause change. Voting is easily the most essential right that we have as Americans. It is our vow and it is how we can make an impact in government. Voting is something Poe peel spent heir livelihood fighting for, yet people make countless excuses to why they d onto vote.