My granny was a person who rarely asked for help so when she begin to get into her falling spells and not being able to pick herself up we knew something was wrong. With her being diabetic we constantly had her monitored because her glycerin levels were always dropping causing her to have convulsions and become unresponsive. She was always back and forth at the emergency room because of it. She had begun to fall so much that this last time she fell and broke her arm in two places. We decided to have her put in the hospital to be monitored and to have her evaluated.

Her doctors and my mom decided after her surgery that she would be put in the nursing home for ninety days for rehabilitation, my grandmother was fine with their decision. It was a very chilling Thursday and I had plans to go see her because that was my day off and it had been a few days since I’d last seen her. As I was lying in bed about to get up my phone rang and it was my mom, when answered I could hear her crying and through the tears she said that I needed to get up, get dressed and get to the urging home because my granny’s heart had stopped.

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The entire drive to the nursing home I’m thinking to myself this cannot be happening right now, this all has to be a dream, she has to be k, she can’t be leaving me, everything is going to be fine. Upon my arrival at the nursing home one of my uncles and his wife were already there waiting for the doctors to come out and give us an update. It seemed like forever that had been standing in the waiting area when the doctor came out and advised us that they couldn’t revive her and that she didn’t make it.

I was crushed, my world had just come to an end, my grandmother passed away on January 30, 201 3 exactly four days after my sons 8th birthday and two days after being admitted into the nursing home. The days leading up to her burial were extremely hard, from the arguments with other family members to all of us crying together, it was very difficult. Every time I heard a song that reminded me of her I became emotional because I never would have imagined losing her at such a young age. I’m the type of person who would want to go first to avoid me experiencing the loss.

I tried to look at it as if my granny was no longer suffering and she is a better place somewhere smiling down on me, but again it was very hard. We laid her to rest in her favorite color which was pink, she was very beautiful and she looked as if she were only sleeping. Life after the passing of my granny was very difficult for us, especially for my mom and l. Still get very emotional when I think of her and how much she meant to me. I was her first grandchild, got what I wanted from her at any time so to have that taken way from me so suddenly was heartbreaking.