His professional career as a reporter how that he can is a thinker while stranded on the boat he begins to wonder why he is here and what brought him to this situation. With that question in mind he begins to come up with perceptions of life and what he and his crew are going through. During these precautions he begins to misinterpret nature with fate and he tries to make sense and with this he begins to lose hope of surviving. The Captain represents the leader in the group that’s lost a sea after the crash.

He takes it hard emotionally after the crash it makes him a Rosen man who lost everything. Still after that he still winds up taking leadership and tries to get the survivors back to safety. After everything that he goes through the Captain wind up finding safety towards the end of the story after losing Billie. The Oilier also known as Billie was one of the four characters and he represent the normal every day person he was the person who helped the men of the boat together.

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Billie was the most physicality fit one out of the whole crew and never gave up when everything was looking own. The ironic thing is that Billie dies. The reason this is ironic is Billie dies right at the shore although he is the strongest off all the survivors. All the men make the mistake of celebrating their rescue too soon instead of concentrating on surviving this was Bilge’s down fall. The Open Boat has a few symbols in the story that are significant. First is the boat, the reason the boat is a symbol is because it shows that people that don’t know each other can get along.

Also when put in a situation people can work together through life’s uncertainties. Next is the Aileron’s death. This represents the old saying don’t count your chickens until they hatch. The Oilier thought he was going to make it to land and the ironic thing was he the strongest and most fit but was the only one to die and he died right at land. Finally the cigars left in the correspondents pocket is a symbol because it mean that there is something the sea has not taken from them and that is their hope.