Although they do not want to perform these thoughts their mind overrides the body ND unselfconsciously they do it anyways, like a robot. Obsessions are typically accompanied by intense and uncomfortable feelings such as fear, disgust, doubt, or a feeling that things have to be done in a way that is just right to the person. Some common obsessions in COD are: contamination, losing control, harm, perfectionism, religion obsession, unwanted sexual thoughts, concern with getting a physical illness or disease, superstitious ideas about luck or unlucky numbers, certain colors, etc.

Some common compulsive in COD are: washing, cleaning, checking, repeating ,mental review f events to prevent harm, avoiding situation that may trigger ones COD, etc. In the context of COD, obsessions are time consuming and compel a person from being engaged in important activities the person values or even simple ritualistic behaviors. COD can develop depression and can but the body under a lot of stress. Treating COD is challenging, they can vary for every individual, in some cases, medication can treat the COD but can causes problems in different organs or ligament in a patient.

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The most effective treatments for COD are Cognitive Behavior Therapy, brain surgery(drilling wrought the skull and using a heated probe to burn an area within a part of the brain,having a 50 percent chance of resolving the issue), gamma knife (a procedure that uses ray pass the skull to destroy the targeted brain tissue). Jennifer is imprison by ritual for over 20 years. She suffers from the compulsive COD of order, repetitive, cleaning and perfection. Simple tasks such as cracking an egg becomes more complex than one can image, it takes her usually an hour to crack and drain the eggs the exact way she wants it to be.

She only eats the egg whites and have to start over if the egg yolks get onto the bowl that she pour the egg whites in. When she fails to complete that task she gets overwhelmed frustrated and you can see the emotions of sad and anger filled in her eyes as she cries to relieve her pain of failure. She is aware that her COD controls her life and consume a lot of her free time as she states while crying ” poised off, it takes too much time to do this because of the stupid yolk, I’m just frustrated I shouldn’t be standing here ,lie should be watching TV or going to bed”.

Sometime it takes Jennifer 5 hours to get out of her house to go to the gym. Daily house chores become implicated from the severances of her COD. Her daily ritual is making her bed, doing laundry, clean her cat litter box , lint brushing her furniture. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she cleans everything in her kitchen and confirms that she completed her task with her brain. Every Thursday she does the lint brushing then stands and pause for a minute, and replay the action in her head because she doesn’t feel like its been done, she knows she done it but she wants to do it again. Jennifer must perform her rituals in a proper order.

After her lint rolling tasks, she fixes her TV recording to make sure everything is timed properly, then she checks the mail, drink her protein drink, then she opens up her fridge to see if she has oranges. She must say things she completed in the exact chronological order to make sure she has done it. By doing that she is relieved from her COD. TO her repeated her Steps is like taking a deep breathe. Jennifer COD takes control of her when she is preparing her food. She measures everything that she eats for example eating cereal, she checks the labels of the cereal for the right amount of the serving proportion which is half a cup.

She then takes out a measuring cup and pour half a cup of cereal making sure the lining of the cereal does not pass the half of cup mark. If it doesn’t feel right she will dump it out and do it again. The next step is the milk, she pours out cup of milk for dinner later on. She makes sure she has a little less than half a cup. She makes sure its not above the half by placing it on the top shelve of her fridge then evaluate by her eye view for a couple of minutes. Then she measure her proportion of her food for dinner. She doesn’t like her food to weight no more than 7. So he repeats the process of placing her food on a scale to make sure its the exact weight she needs it to be, if it pass the mark, she dumps out the food until it reaches to 7. 6. Next she drink a full cup of water filled to the top. Then she checks her freezer, fridge, make sure everything is in order after that she looks in the garbage and checks off the last thing she ate. Then she rethinks of what she did the whole day then she is ready to head out to the gym. The moment she steps out of her boundaries she feels out of control. COD puts Jennifer under a lot Of stress and she has a lot of hopeful thoughts Of death.