Our conclusion that the State of Wisconsin will benefit from a vaccine that ca sees to crease obesity, based on date and an experiment conducted by DRP. Duran dharma and DRP. Atkinson. Analysis of the data revealed benefits in three areas: ; Investment . The vaccine market will expect over 100 percent increase in profit by 2016 making a total of $56 Billion US Dollars. ; Effects . Negative health effects will go down due to the investment in the vaccine against the Dada virus. ; Contagion .

Contagion of the Dada virus will cease to spread which will lead to an end of obesity. On the basis of these findings, it is recommended that the investment of the v sac;nee against the Dada virus will stimulate a nationwide and local positive health beef etc. 4 PROBLEM This study was designed to analyze the direct and indirect causes of Obesity i n Wisconsin. Specifically, the study seeks answers to these questions: ; What causes obesity, specifically in the state of Wisconsin? ; Is obesity contagious? & how can one prevent obesity? What indirect effects cause obesity in the state of Wisconsin? ; What direct effects cause obesity in the state of Wisconsin? BACKGROUND Nikkei Diarrhea, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin commissioned this study f Obesity in Wisconsin at the request of the Enema City Council. Before auto rolling the research, the City Council requested a close study observing the negative health effects of obesity. Members of the City Council wanted to determine what WA s causing large amounts of obesity in Wisconsin and why.

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For those who are unfamiliar with Nikkei Diarrhea, he was a researcher on viruses that might have had a relation to obesity at the University of Wisconsin. He try mined as a Homeopath in India, studied at North Dakota University and has received a Biochemistry PhD from the University of Bombay. Diarrhea is the chief an d professor at the Infections and Obesity Laboratory in Pennington Biomedical Research Center in LA. 5 The goal for Diarrhea was to find a reason to why there are increasing b exits rates in both adults and children.

Diarrhea teamed up with DRP. Richard Atkinson and continued their research. Like other parts of the states, Wisconsin is eager to get back in the healthy “zone. ” In 1 997, Diarrhea and Atkinson, due to their initial research, found a virus or type of “bug’ called Dada. It derives from an dinosaurs (a group of DNA viruses) root that happily triggers mild respiratory symptoms, may put some people at risk for obesity (Price). In a study of 199 persons in Wisconsin and Florida 154 of them fat, while the other lean.

Diarrhea and Atkinson found that nearly 15 percent of the obese pee people have antibodies to the Dada bug in their blood. TO prove that the Dada bug causes obesity in some humans, the researchers said they would have to test the virus on re al human subjects. “l don’t think a humanities committee would look kindly on this,” Diarrhea said. “If the virus, indeed, turns out to be involved, maybe a vaccine e could be developed that would prevent obesity in some people,” said Diarrhea. But a virus cannot be the playing role in all obesity cases.

Other research has identified a n obesity gene, which explain why fatness runs in some families (Price). 6 DISCUSSION OF FINDINGS The results of this research indicates the indirect and direct effects of obesity i n the state of Wisconsin. As a result of the research on the Dada bug and its relation n with obesity in Wisconsin, the research findings fall into three categories: (a) invest meet, (b) effects, and (c) contagion. Investment Investing in a vaccination against the Dada bug may help reduce the obesity n people. As shown in Figure 1 .

The current Vaccine Market is expected to increase by more than 100 percent from $24 Billion US Dollars to $56 Billion US Dollars by 2016. 7 Two broad types of vaccine costs exist: manufacturing costs, and research an d development costs. For a new vaccine, manufacturers and researchers will NV est. many years and hundreds of millions of dollars towards it. To create a vaccine that might end obesity may take years, and years Of observation to see if they vaccine has us successfully done its job. Effects Wisconsin now has the 22nd highest obesity rate in the nation.

According to T he State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America, Wisconsin adult obesity r ate has increased 7. 9 percent since 2004 and 11. 8 percent since 1990. As shown in Fig ere 2. Below, obesity rates tend to rise their way up. Source: Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The state of Obesity 2014 [PDF] Washington, D. C. : 2014 8 Obesity in the state of Wisconsin seems to be a growing problem. Not only is problem for the state, but for the people who have obesity. As shown in Figure 3. Below, obesity comes with many health related issues and effects, ones you cannot i Moore.

Such as, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, abnormal blood fats, metabolic syndrome, sleep apneas, cancer and many MO Sources: Current diabetes (2013) and hypertension (2013) rates are from The State of Obesity 2014 ; 2010 Diarrhea and Atkinson wanted to prove the effects and possible contagion of the Dada virus and they did with the help of laboratory chickens. Both researcher s infected the lab chickens with a poultry virus very similar to Dada and kept them with c sickens that were not infected with the virus (Price). The uninfected chickens “became obese” said Diarrhea.