Since the budget had always been my duty, it was y responsibility to get the job done in a matter of hours before our hearing. Our budget basically consists of production equipment ranging from cameras to props and I had to go to many different officers in the club to get a sense of what we needed to out on our budget. I had quickly meet with the equipment manager, the president of the club, the officer in charge of running the film festival, and our social chair to figure what each one of them needed while still maintaining a lean budget.

Overall, I was able to meet with 3 of them and tried to get as much of what they needed as possible. When it came time to submit our budget and have it reviewed, most Of it actually got passed to my surprise. In some sense, I did not really model the way. It was partially my fault that we had to scramble in the first place as should have been more aware of the budget hearings and should have at least asked the student council about it instead of waiting for them to notify us.

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I definitely enabled others to act, forever, by being as supportive of their budget needs as possible and giving them all the resources they needed in terms of student council budget guidelines and finding price estimated for whatever they needed. I did not really challenge the process, as the student council is pretty rid when it comes to their guidelines. Moreover, I don’t think I was able to inspire a shared vision for the club seeing as we were working on an extreme time crunch but I did show appreciation towards my fellow officers of the club after our budget as passed.

I’m most comfortable with enabling and encouraging others to act. Vive always found that function better when there is a lot Of collaboration. I think that it fosters a lot of feedback and the work always becomes better when you have another set of eyes on it. I can really exploit this strength by trying to create environments where others can succeed in their own way. Rather than trying to collaborate all the time I should probably look at each team members style and if they work better alone, then I should support that.