My Living Room It’s a place where I can do almost everything that I want, I really love being in t hat place, can relax and be comfortable. It’s a great place to think, plan, write, practice i instruments, watch TV, computer time and feel free wherever I want to do, almost three and half meters for width and four meters for long at the bottom of the room of the room one big wind owe two meters for width and one advent five meters for height, there are a lot of things in the live Eng room that help me to make my day. E electronic keyboard, one couch, a raw, printer, a mi in table, a desk, a furniture to put books and the TV at the same time, my computer, a saxophone en, on the white wall there are photos of my family and places, exercise place and also a connection on with my family and my wife family as well.

My Living Room turn in a piano and Saxophone practice room mostly at 11 a m to 2:pm when I have to work but when have day Off for my work I take more time for practice, love to practice my instruments, some time I have my routines like Exercise, I have a lot of linings when I practice, I connect with my soul to exile try to practice every That room turn in different environment depending of the time of the day.

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Like saxophone and piano practice room, homework place, a connection with my f amply in El Salvador when we talk by peacetime chilling, talking and hand out with my wife, friends, or just myself, home theater with the TV, exercise place when my wife exercise, does yoga, Palates or any work out, for the almost last year that I have been living in that apartment t, the living room has being the place where I can do a lot of things that my life is rolling.