My Bad Day If I’d known it was going to be such a bad day, I probably would have stayed in bed. It was Friday the 1 5th. I got up early and the sun was shining outside my window. I cut school. I thought the best thing to do is to go to the river with my friends. When was going outside I saw a black cat crossing my path-I knew then that this day isn’t going to be one of the best in my life. Later it turned out that my worst fears were realized. Bought a bus ticket.

When got to the bus stop and I understood that I’m late, it really put me out Of humor. My friend and decided to go on foot. It was a really hot day. When we had arrived at the river, I realized that I had forgotten my swimming trunks. Even though it was hot, the water was cold and it’s impossible to swim there without trunks so I decided to sit in the shade. There’s a place where we can rent a canoe or kayak near the river, and I had heard that it was cheap. And it really is. It’s only $4 per hour.

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First they wanted to play some sport but didn’t feel that I wanted to play football or volleyball and then I decided to boat down the river. But unfortunately bad luck was chasing me. After I had boated about 100 feet, the sun set, and it started raining. I knew had to go back but boating upstream was really hard. I reached the land and walked along the bank, towing my canoe. Had had enough of it. In a minute I was getting tired. The rain was even heavier than a few moments before.

When reached the harbor I was tired out and drenched to the skin. In a hurry I gave back the canoe. There’s no-one near the river, even my friend hid somewhere. I didn’t care about it . I started to go back home. I wasn’t cold monolayer.