For every question they asked they would demonstrate a stereotype. They do this for two more questions then they asked the older teens. Each one of them word run normally not as a stereotype but as themselves. When they asked a young man if he just insulted his sister he said no then he said yes he put his head down any said my intention was not to hurt my sister. He put his head down any said my intention was not to hurt my sister.

The message at the end Of the commercial was always be yourself don’t let others put you down and take pride in who you are. My thoughts and theories on this commercial I believe this to motivate the younger generation to be themselves and not what others portray them as. Feel the always commercial is driving the younger generation and trying to motivate them to be something more and think positively and don’t let others bring you down.

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This commercial is also evolutionary because in time girls were portrayed to not being able to run or throw a ball or do things that men could do and through time girls have been wowing everybody that they can do what men can do and that we as women are equal. So with this always commercial it is telling girls it’s okay to be you and don’t be a stereotype. Be who you want to be and do what you want. Do not let others control your future or control who you are. This commercial was powerful, heartfelt and motivational. There is a whole line of these commercials on TV and each one is as motivational as this one was.