Given the current energy crisis that our country is currently facing, the researchers attempted to make an effective, hassle-free, noise-free and portable Solar powered charger which could be used to charge mobile phones and will be as efficient as an ordinary wall phone changer. Solar energy has been proven to be a good alternative source of energy by many and has been an CEO-friendly energy source. Mobile phones are currently the most popular form of gadget and wireless communication in almost every part of the world.

In estimation by the International Telecommunication Union, there are over 6. 8 billion cellophane users and the number is still growing fast as technology gets better, innovative and the cost of production gets higher for branded phones, while lower for those non-branded phones. According to G. Aching and S. Baja (201 1), the average lifetime of a cellophane battery is only around 8-12 hours with moderate usage. This has become very inconvenient for those people who are constantly on the road or preoccupied with work.

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A person has to ring a wall phone charger and look for a power source or outlet in order to charge. Meanwhile, with the portable solar-powered phone charger, it is a device that only uses the rays of the sun of a minimum amount as energy source to be able to charge a mobile phone. Cellophanes are then charged without the need to plug it into a power source. One of the advantages of using a solar-powered phone charger is its efficiency, non-hassle portability. You won’t need a wall phone charger to be able to charge your mobile phone.