He got up and said, “Man today has already started out badly, I’m late and there’s probably heavy traffic on the freeway right now. ” He finally got to Beverly Hills and he did good on the interview and he got the mansion the same day. He had started jumping up and down like a rabbit. While he was cheering he noticed that his neighbors were looking at him like he’s crazy. He said in a rude tone, ” What are you looking at? You’ve never seen anyone cheering before? ” Everyone just started to look in a different direction away from him and they started whispering.

When he finally gets settled down he calls York Young, his maid, to come and clean up the place. York had finally got there and Jerome told her, “Hurry up and clean I’m not paying you to just stand there and look pretty! ” York walked away mumbling, “You don’t have to be so rude, and you don’t even pay me. ” He called his friend Logan, who believes in aliens and other mystical creatures, to come over and the place. Logan finally got there and when he pulled into he driveway he felt a weird presence like meeting was watching him.

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When Jerome went out to greet Logan he saw his neighbor Sky Mike, who was elderly and secretive, staring at him. Logan told Jerome, “l think there’s something else living here other than you. ” “What do you mean? ” “I’m saying that I think there’s a creature living in the lake. ” you don’t believe me then I’m leaving! ” Logan said with anger. “Well if Logan left with anger and with regret of going to Groomer’s house while Jerome went inside to go to sleep. Jerome woke up he next day and noticed he’s missing 2 old chains, 3 diamond rings, and his favorite brown fur coat.

He walked towards York and asked her, “Are you stealing from me?! ” “No! Why would want to take your things, I don’t want what you have. ” York went for a walk to cool down, 5 minutes after she went walking Jerome heard a scream. 5 hours later, York never came back from her walk but Jerome lost some more of his belongings and was getting creeper out and was getting scared. Jerome picked up the phone and dialed 911, “Hello I live in Beverly Hills and I was getting things taken away from my house.

At first I thought it was my maid but she went on a walk and I heard a scream but she never came back and I was still getting robbed. ” “Okay sir, there is help on the way,” said the lady on the phone. The police got there 10 minutes later, and a man walked out of the police car and Jerome knew who he was, it was one of the people he had bullied when they were in middle school. Matt, the policeman, walked with a surprised face and with anger he said, “l know you, you’re Jerome the one that use to bully me! ” “Yeah know, and don’t regret it either. Matt walked away towards his car, started the car, and said, “l don’t regret this either. ” “Sorry! ” Jerome yelled but Matt had already driven far away that he couldn’t hear Jerome anymore. When Jerome went back inside of his house to lay down and think about what he was going to do about his situation he noticed that his cocoa brown leather couch was gone. He went outside to the back of his house where the lake was at. He sat down and noticed something in the Water and it was extremely large, green, and hideous.

The creature had jumped out and Jerome ran inside, he didn’t know hat to do. The next things he had done was ask Sky about the lake. When he got to the door, and he rang the doorbell these creatures started to fly out of no where as if it were to scare him, and it worked. He was so scared, his pulse was a racing car. When Sky opened the door he noticed that Jerome?s pants were wet. Sky told him to come in and he told Jerome that the creature’s name was Juanita and he was one of the handsomest man in Beverly Hills, but also Scrooge like and rude.

Until one day everyone was tired of him being o cruel so they had told him that he’s unattractive, plump, and unintelligent and it hurt him a lot that it got to the point where he had to leave but no one knew where to, until 5 years ago, when Sky saw something in the lake and it had the same features as Juanita. Jerome went outside to talk with Juanita and to ask why he was doing that he said, “I’m doing it because you’re being cruel to everyone who’s trying to help you, you’ll regret it later. ” Jerome said he will stop being cruel to people and Juanita gave him all of his belongings back and also York.