It is important to inform all workers of a clear and direct manner about their expectations. When it is assigned a project, to be 100 percent sure that when the due date arrives, it will be done without leaving any uncertainty. Get the help of a reliable colleague and make sure that he spends sufficient time evaluating the way in which the employee works. It is necessary to ask the colleague to take notes regarding time management. The more is known about the employee, it will be easier to solve the problem.

Communicate with Heather in private to discuss her concerns with respect to the slow way of performance, Offer her the deadlines of time to complete any task, for example, telling her that the average worker in the office takes 20 minutes to organize a while she takes 45 minutes to do it; Address any concerns about her working techniques. For example, if she spends too much time talking on the phone, to inform her that it is not acceptable. Reach concrete solutions to help her increase the productivity. For example, tell her that she cannot spend more than 15 minutes on the phone every day.

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Another good idea would be to assign another employee who temporarily helps her until she gets faster in her duties. “Critical reflection is a cornerstone of good practice, and a critically award and reflective worker is much more likely to acknowledge their own value patterning and the impact that personal values might have on decisions”( Masculine and Cenotaph’s 2008 p. 43). It is good to give her some time to improve, now that she has had communication with me, would keep record of her work patterns during the given time.

If I do not notice any improvement in a certain period of time (usually a few months), will warn her that if things don’t change quickly, will have to suspend or terminate her. On the other hand, if I notice improvements, I do congratulate her on her efforts. Some tips I usually practice with my employees “It is interesting to observe how many successful leaders generally tend to attract others who want to be with them and around them. These leaders have a positive, encouraging disposition in their relationships (Glasses, 1 998), creating in others a sense of being valued”. Ingram & Cinema, 201 2, up. 71-778). A good tip to practice with the employees is been courteous and motivating when I discuss with my employees. It could be that heather was not aware of her time frames to work. To be kindness and understanding can push her to work faster in order to impress. “Decision makers who understand the emotions of others may utilize that perceptively to head off potential negative outcomes by add resting those emotional issues in advance of the decision” (Hess & Bacillus, 201 1 , p. 714). If one of my employees is particularly slow, as is the case of heather, it may be caused by a problem in ere personal life.

The problem could be anything, from a health issue to dissolve a marriage. If think that this is the case, I would take the time to support my employee by listening her and helping to find a solution, whether it’s private or advise her to go to counseling department. The easier way (which would mean a failure of selection) is to dismiss her, letting go the strengths and virtues that could benefit the company if she is probably place in the appropriate section. It is a quality of a good Manager to have vision of the future and ability to place an individual in the right place, especially one tit special abilities.