Dismissal is the most sneakiest lie and an occasional lie of all; and it is seed to dismiss feelings, perceptions, or any facts of a situation. This lie may prove that any person’s perceptions aren’t right. For example, from the essay, a child tells her mother she’s scared, but the mother immediately tells her that “she is not”, therefore making her perceptions inaccurate. She tried to avoid the truth by suggesting her feelings of her not being scared. This is an example of a negative consequence of a dismissal lie.

Dismissal lie is avoiding the lie altogether. In addition, lying benefits both you and the person being died to, because you didn’t hurt their feelings and they just continued to be satisfied. We all know it is impossible to live without lying and we are all put into some kind of situation where we have no choice but to tell a lie. Telling the truth may also be difficult. It is considered wise for people to tell the truth, but you must expect the worst. For example, If a child comes up to their parent and says, “l don’t like that man, he is weird. Then the parent might say something like “He is a nice man, Dutton say that. Granted, the intention might have been to teach politeness, but the parent still dismissed their feelings and told them to feel differently which is telling them to lie to themselves. Dismissal is used a lot of times without people even knowing about it. For instance, one of my friends told her boyfriend that she needs some space for a little because she is so busy with school and work, but instead she wanted some space away from him to flirt with some other guy and get to know him a little better.

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Everyone wants to share their own Houghton, although there are a few people who will follow or even change their beliefs to have the same opinion as the majority. Dismissal is very useful when it comes to forgiveness. Some people dismiss other person’s feelings so they can forgive them for whatever they have done to them. For example, dismiss my mom’s feelings when she’s upset by telling her I’m her only daughter and that she loves me in order for her to forgive me for what I’ve done or said. The bad side of dismissal is when it changes someone’s linings about a situation or creates a false impression.

In conclusion, everyone lies and exaggerates which is acceptable, but it is very important to know when to stop in order to not cause any harm. Therefore, in my opinion, think dismissal lie is the most offensive lie of all. Lying can’t be removed from our lives completely. In fact, it can be addictive and contagious. In a lifetime, everyone has lied to someone, or vice versa. Lying plays a role in our daily living and may result in beneficial and contradictory outcome to all types of lies, even dismissal lies.