My eyes will swear that I never saw real beauty until tonight. “(l, V, 77) Romeo and Gullet’s love was love at first sight. Even though they have never met before, they fell in love once they saw each other. In modern society, that would not happen. Modern people are more educated and sophisticated. They look for more than appearance. They are more interested in their personality, attitude and chemistry. Secondly, when you meet a person you will know that one is the right person. There is a feeling in your heart that tells you that he/she is your soul mate. Romeo knew that Juliet was his soul mate.

He asked the Friar “I’ll tell you later, but I ask you this now, that you agree to marry us today. “(al, Ill, 199) After that, they got married. Even though they couldn’t live together because of their parents’ objection and Romeo was exiled, they still loved each other. Most people in our society are divorced, because they got married so fast. They didn’t know each other entirely. They have lost their home, money or children in their dispute. They are more patient now in finding the right mate for the second time. Some are even likely to get married again. Finally, love can make us do crazy things.

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Crazy enough that, we might even give up our own life for the one we really love, we know we can’t live without him/her, Juliet pretended to be dead so she doesn’t have to marry Paris. Unfortunately, Romeo thought she was really dead and he couldn’t live without his soul mate, so he committed suicide. Then when Juliet woke up and was saw that, she also committed suicide because she couldn’t imagine living without him. In our modern society, remarriage is an acceptable practice. Most widowers would find a mate and remarry. Many times, the dying spouse wants their mate to be looked after hen their gone so hey encouraged them to look for someone.

Sometimes, the widowers just find a new mate. As you can see, love at first is a myth. People had to many bad experience from mistaking following their hearts, thinking it’s love at first sight, where they have lost their life savings, their homes and even jobs. People are more cautious and protective of themselves by dating longer, making rational decision on marriage, deciding of children to have not even get married at all. Works cited William Shakespeare.