Vietnam has developed economic system markedly after following economic reforms in 1986, going one of the fastest turning economic systems in Asia. The ceaseless attempts of the province towards international economic integrating such as the implements of bilateral trade understandings, accomplishing ranks of the ASEAN Free Trade Area ( AFTA ) and, most late, come ining to the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) , has made farther strong alterations in Vietnam ‘s trade and economic government.

However, to go on feeling by province economic growing, Vietnam needs to go through challenges such as reforming its regulative environment and legal model and, every bit of import, bettering the substructure for the transit and logistics sectors.

Transportation system and logistics have of import function in Vietnam ‘s development. This survey will concentrate on Viet Nam ‘s logistics industry that can go on to be facilitators of state ‘s economic advancement, nevertheless there are a figure of possible challenges that must foremost be addressed.

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1. Introduction

Vietnam is one of fastest-growing sourcing and fabrication locations in the universe – mean export growing rate was the highest in the part during the last decennary. The state has become a focal point for off-shore purchase for planetary makers looking for even lower cost locations than others in Area. By favourable conditions, there are chances every bit good as challenges for the conveyance and logistics sector in Viet Nam.

This research will analyse Vietnam logistics industry through theoretical accounts such as Porter ‘s five force, PESTLE analysis and Product life rhythm to present recommendations for development of logistics industry in Vietnam

2. Porter ‘s five force analysis

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Menaces of new entrants – High

Menace of new entry can be characterized as high due to Vietnam must wholly open the logistics market for foreign companies in 2012 following its committedness to the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) . This is a large trouble for Vietnamese logistics concerns that have to vie with foreign companies that have greater capital and better fight.

Menace of replacements – Medium

E-commerce will open a new market for participants in the logistics field. Logisticss and distribution systems that function expeditiously and efficaciously in all respects will be important for the success of the companies involved. This implies that fabricating companies, and particularly logistics companies, must place and make effectual logistics solutions in order to vie on the market place.

Dickering power of providers – Medium

The inefficiencies of the air and ocean transit system and a deficiency of back uping substructure on the landside, including repositing and terminal installations are haltering the growing of efficient logistics patterns in the state. However, Government initiatives to better logistics substructure and increased engagement of international operators are expected to better the logistics landscape in Vietnam.

Dickering power of purchasers – Medium/High

The Vietnamese logistics industry has great possible for development, which domestic concerns have non yet made the most of. At this clip, domestic companies handle merely 18 per centum of entire import-exports, with the remainder being catered for by foreign logistics companies. Inadequate logistics substructure including uncomplete route systems running to havens, warehouses, and airdromes has resulted in increased logistics costs. This disadvantage has hampered the development of the Vietnamese logistics sector.

Rivalry among bing houses – High

There are more than 800 largely small-sized logistics concerns in Vietnam, and they remain modest in footings of capital, engineering and work force. In add-on, logistics substructure is unequal, and there are many legal barriers impeding the development of logistics in Vietnam.

Leading international logistics companies are expected to spread out their presence in Vietnam through direct investing and joint ventures. The operating environment for service suppliers is likely to better as the apprehension of the benefits of an integrated logistics system increases among policy shapers and end-users.

Soon, the Vietnam transportation industry is dominated by international bearers who are able to supply planetary coverage and a broad scope of services. The local bearers are mostly focused on domestic and regional transportation services within South East Asia. As a consequence of the footings for accession to the WTO, Vietnam has allowed foreign transportation companies to set up joint ventures with bulk foreign ownership.

2. Analysis on PESTLE of Vietnamese logistics industry

PESTLE analysis is used to place factors of macro environments of Viet Nam in logistics industrial development trusting on five basic elements such as Politicss, Economy, Society, Technology, Legal and Environment.

Political factor

Laws and ordinances effected within the logistics industry are dependent on the political environment which formulates such Torahs and ordinances. Governmental policies and ordinances of Viet Nam on the logistics industry are non clear plenty to make conditions for the state ‘s fledgling logistics industry to develop.

Recently, favourable policies for industrial activity have led to the growing of Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) flows and the constitution of more privately-owned Vietnamese endeavors. This has given great impulse to the state ‘s industrial sector and resulted in the multi-fold growing of its international trade.

Table 1 – Strength of investor protection index ( 0-10 )



East Asia & A ; Pacific

OECD Average

Extent of revelation index ( 0-10 )




Extent of manager liability index ( 0-10 )




Ease of stockholder suits index ( 0-10 )




Strength of investor protection index ( 0-10 )




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Economic graduated table

The concerns expanded beyond national boundaries and extended their planetary range to take advantage of new markets and cheaper resources, so the motions of goods created new demands for the transit and logistics industry. Rising rising prices and planetary competition gave rise to greater force per unit areas on concerns to understate the costs of operation, including execution of just-in-time stock list direction systems, etc. , and besides created demands for velocity and truth in all facets of concern.

Vietnam ‘s imports and exports have been systematically increasing and the economic system has shown a healthy growing rate of on mean 7.6 per centum per annum between 2001- 2006.A The state ‘s exports and imports for the twelvemonth 2008 totalled US $ 144 billion, a 21 per centum addition from 2007.A The increased trading activity had created strong demand and immense chance to the logistics service suppliers, particularly in the cargo send oning sector.A

Figure 1 – Viet Nam entire exports and imports 1990 – 2008

( Unit of measurement: Millions of USD )

Beginning: General statistics office of Viet Nam

Furthermore, foreign investing has besides been lifting steadily in the Vietnamese logistics sector and is expected to increase further with the state ‘s entry to the WTO.A There are a big figure of foreign logistics companies which are in the procedure of obtaining or have already obtained their licenses to run as a entirely foreign owned companies or joint ventures in Vietnam.A With the increasing incursion of multinationals, the market is expected to turn during the following five old ages, with service degrees making international criterions.

In Vietnam, the Government purposes to put every bit much as 10 per centum of its GDP on substructure including the conveyance, energy and telecommunications sectors.A The private sector is expected to play an expanded function in financing the main road, haven and airdrome projects.A Improved substructure developments and accessory services such as repositing, terminals and distribution Centres will farther hike the demand for logistics services and create immense concern chances for the bing logistics service suppliers.

Figure 2 – Foreign direct investing undertakings licensed in period 1988 – 2008

Beginning: General statistics office of Viet Nam

Social force

The unequal human resources for logistics services have non been well-trained and enterprises suffer a deficit of qualified logistics experts. In an attempt to maintain gait with these demands, every bit good as cater to the demands of the universe ‘s 13th largest population, the Vietnamese Government has invested to a great extent in upgrading its conveyance substructure.

However overall, its record of success can outdo be described as assorted. While Vietnam ‘s huge web of inland waterways transport goods expeditiously throughout the state, an unequal route web – less than 20 % paved – and limited railroad capacity have prevented Vietnam from run intoing its full conveyance potency.

On the other manus, Vietnam ‘s quickly turning air and haven industry has facilitated a higher volume of trade, imparting hope that betterments across all conveyance webs will hold a similar consequence.

Technological force

The unequal information system of Viet Nam logistics industry isA taking to be uneffective. Vietnam is legging behind others states in the Region in EDI and E- Commerce applications. A figure of ASEAN states have made significant attempts to construct up a public- private EDI, inter- ministry web to portion the logistics information and to better the industry ‘s operations.

VICT ( Vietnam Internal of Commercial Technology ) system of Vietnam is the lone port operator utilizing the EDI system, on standalone footing, which processes machine-controlled container charge, automated stock list direction ( container pace operation ) , machine-controlled gate operation ( truck reaching and going cheque ) , machine-controlled vas operation ( container burden and unloading direction ) , and CFS stock direction.

Legal force

In Vietnam, the regulative and legislative criterions such as imposts clearance, land handling, and terminal operations are extremely complicated and non ever consistent.A The multiple beds of disposal at territory and provincial degrees have besides led to some studies of corruptness and subsequent addition in both lead times and the cost of treating freight.A Many havens and airdromes besides lack back uping logistics distribution Centres, which can ensue in increased stock list and idle clip for trucks, ships and planes.A A

Presently, the boundaries between the operations of assorted concerns such as cargo forwarders, warehouse operators, fleet operators and incorporate logistics companies are non good defined.A They are frequently disconnected and do non by and large complement each others ‘ concern offerings, which can take to duplicate of attempt, higher costs and lead times.A The deficiency of information sharing, lucidity on functions and duties pose great challenge and can farther halter the growing of the logistics industry in Vietnam.A

Environmental factor

The Vietnamese logistics industry besides lacks experient logistics professionals.A This is a major challenge and drawback for the local every bit good as transnational logistics companies since they find it hard to engage the right talent.A Insufficient preparation and instruction in the field of logistics is besides a major subscriber to the scarceness of skilled forces.

The conveyance substructure is really in bad status and a corridor for multimodal conveyance has non been created while the demands for quality conveyance of goods between assorted agencies of conveyance are turning progressively.

Figure 3 – Cargo conveyance of Viet Nam in 2009

Beginning: General statistics office of Viet Nam

4. The Drivers of alteration of the Logisticss industry

The ordinances of authorities, national transit and substructure system, concern environment, cost and clip of services are defined chief forces that dives alteration of logistics industry in Viet Nam.

Regulations of authorities ‘s relevant policies

Vietnam had acquired about US $ 80 billion ( 2008 province est. ) in FDI, directed towards more than 6,000 undertakings. The FDI influx will go on as more investors realise the possible chances that the state has to offer. However, the complex legal and regulative environment, originating from an uncoordinated theoretical account of policy execution, is a major concern for private and foreign investors. This is a important ground for the low engagement of private investors in critical sectors such as substructure development.

National transit and substructure system

The route, rail and air transit web slowdown significantly behind international criterions and hence history for a low portion of the overall transit market. The betterment of these webs will greatly heighten the state ‘s ability to develop its domestic and international connectivity. This will convey important benefits to its trade growing every bit good as the transit, logistics and touristry industries.

Trade environment

Vietnam has good potency to develop into a major Asiatic transportation hub. However, the deficiency of first deep H2O port installations is restricting its possible to to the full develop transportation and related industries. Promoting the engagement of international transportation and port operators would add great impulse to the sector. However, there will be a demand for greater transparence in policy devising and to put greater accent on economic considerations over political expedience.

In the past decennary, Vietnam ‘s containerized volumes have grown every twelvemonth by about 20 per centum, but the hold in upgrading and spread outing of ports has resulted in continued inefficiency and possible congestion jobs. Weak landside substructure is another major concern for both service suppliers and users.

Table 2 – Trading across boundary lines in 2009

Region or Economy

Documents to export ( figure )

Time to export ( yearss )

Cost to export ( US $ per container )

Documents to import ( figure )

Time to import ( yearss )

Cost to import ( US $ per container )

East Asia & A ; Pacific







Eastern Europe & A ; Central Asia







Latin America & A ; Caribbean







Middle East & A ; North Africa














South Asia







Sub-Saharan Africa







Viet Nam







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Costss and clip

Last, the development of its logistics industry will significantly heighten Vietnam ‘s fight through the decrease of transit and stock list costs, shorter lead times for bringing to finish markets and an overall betterment in the efficiency and security of the motion of goods and stuffs. Presently, logistics costs are a important subscriber to the high cost of making concern in Vietnam. Over the last 10 old ages, increased competition and the improved degree of logistics services has significantly reduced this cost.

5. The life-cycle theoretical account

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Vietnam ‘s economic system is expected to go on to turn at above 6 % for the following five old ages and between 5 and 6 % in the undermentioned five old ages. The portion of the industrial and services sectors within GDP composing will go on to turn. Vietnamese logistics industry is considered base between growing and shakeout phases ( X ) . The experience of its neighbors ( Singapore, China, and Hong Kong ) will function as utile illustrations of how to develop logistics industry.

Government policies focus on transforming Vietnam into a market economic system and go oning international economic integrating. There is an chance to better this farther through investing in new substructure every bit good as new procedures and engineering to run into international criterions. This will back up for chief national industries, including transit and logistics to go on growing in the hereafter.

6. Scenario Analysis

Redesigning of ordinances and concern Torahs based on association of little units to ease trade operations faster, cheaper and more effectual

The industry is extremely fragmented with an estimated 800 operators viing for concern. Most operate on a little graduated table and have limited coverage, service scope and information engineering ( IT ) capabilities. Service suppliers face several challenges, including inconsistent ordinances across assorted degrees of disposal and a deficiency of skilled work force. It is necessary to promote members to work in coaction with each other on the footing of using endeavors ‘ advantages ( physical installations, information systems, and othersaˆ¦ ) for one-stop store proviso ofA services, and spread outing domestic and abroad scope of concern operations.

Improvement of engineering, the national transit system as development of roads, substructure, landside and international airdrome.

There is a critical demand, nevertheless, to develop route and landside substructure in order to ease the efficient motion of the increased volume of goods. Upgrading of the bing airdromes at Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to back up larger volumes of lading is besides desperately required.

The increased accent placed on developing the electronics and high-tech sectors by the Government will give renewed drift to further develop its air installations, as these merchandises require more sophisticated and unafraid manners of bringing and shorter theodolite times.

Proposed new ports around the two major economic Centres of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi could ensue in a important betterment of substructure. The development of deep H2O ports is besides likely to significantly hike international lading activity linked with Vietnam and lessening overloaded flows of goods at two bigger ports as Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong.

The earlier development of the new international airdrome at Long Thanh, in the state of Dong Nai following to Ho Chi Minh City will convey approximately much needed extra capacity. Again, the concurrent development of an improved route web to link to the new airdrome will be required to avoid the creative activity of new constrictions.

Training and human resources

The procedure of acquiring aware of the importance of logistics, constructing logistics direction accomplishments and heightening the ability to interpret logistics theory into logistics pattern needs some sum of clip. The Government is to hold a policy to help endeavors and schools in order to step up the undertaking of developing under assorted flexible signifiers, supplying human resources for the industry. On their portion, endeavors need to seek support and cooperation in human resource preparation from foreign states.