The organic action presents opportunities for me to improve my leadership skills, build my char cater, and contribute to the community through service. Academic performance is a top priority for me, and try to maintain my grades. Just as important, I recognize the need to develop my lea dervish skills and give back to my school and my community. It’s my opinion that National Hon. r Society provides opportunities for me excel in all these areas.

My involvement in the Centennial High School Color Guard has provided man opportunities for leadership, character development, and service. For example e, I have been on Varsity Winter Guard for two years, and this past year I have spent a lot of Tim e mentoring younger guard members, a leadership role that I have found rewarding. In ad edition, put in extra effort to assist in color guard activities before and after school. Recognizing the is commitment to the organization, the color guard director has entrusted me with administrate eve tasks that free him p to do other things.

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Taking on this responsibility has increased my confidence CE and has encouraged me to assist above and beyond the requirements to make the or GA animation stronger. All in all, I believe that my efforts have had a positive effect on the organization The National Honor Society is an organization that not only recognizes undivided al efforts but also operates as a team. My experiences in color guard and in band (l play the bassoon) have been instrumental in showing me the value of working cooperatively with 10th errs.

Being a ember of Centennials vibrant band program has provided an excellent life Essen in the value Of teamwork. Put simply, a multiuse marching band or concert band cannot a achieve the level of success that we have achieved in our band programs if the members don’t wow ark well together and respect one another. Individual accomplishment provides a certain level of satisfaction; contributing to the excellence of a large organization instills a sense of pride t hat rivals individual accomplishment.

In addition to these qualities, its also important for me to demonstrate to my errs that women can excel in nontraditional roles. Academically, am interested in a fie old that not a lot of women go into, and its not easy to be the only girl in a computer science CLC ass, as have seen this year. Nonetheless, it’s important for me to be true to who am. Not being defined by stereotypes has pushed me to not compromise my principles. Look forward t o the opportunities in the National Honor Society where can seer. ‘e as a role model for other you nag Women.

Being a member of the National Honor Society means more to me than just a let point to impress college recruiters. It provides opportunities for character develop meet, leadership, and service that can only contribute to my personal growth. Believe that I have much to offer to our chapter of INS. As outlined above e enjoy helping others, and helping others achieve success. Through INS I believe that t my enthusiasm and willingness to work hard will be beneficial to my school and my communion look forward to being a part of the National Honor Society and all that it rep scents.