The older I grew, the more I related to Bin Batista, who says, “Traveling-?it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. ” Whether it’s just the hour and a half car ride to Atlanta or across t he ocean to Israel, I’m always prepared to share my experiences and adventures with ever yon. With every experience comes joy and knowledge, from the people you meet to the things you try, it’s guaranteed thou will have a story to tell. Most kids my age would tell you they feel the most content around their friend s, or at the beach in the summer.

But if you asked me where I feel the most count .NET with my life, I’d just tell you to throw a dart on a map of the whole world and send me packing for a week’s stay. When return home from my wonderful endeavor, I will have a novel of experiences prepared to share, all of course which have made me a happier a ND more 2 intelligent person than I was prior my trip. The older get throughout the y ears, the more my wanderlust grows. Spring break of 2014, my mother and I took a tweeze trip to the country of Turkey.

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During the two weeks, we visited nine different cities and participated countless excursions with our group. Not only did we meet people from Turkey y, but also we were fortunate to have made new friends from other states in the United Sates and the surrounding countries. While in Turkey, I accomplished yet another item on m y bucket list, to be in two places at once. All it took was standing on a bridge in the city of Istanbul and say, “Hey, look at me mom. I’m in the continents of Europe and Asia! ” One of the retest Outcomes Of Our trip was Of course all Of my knowledge gained.

Not only did I gain knowledge, but I was also honored to share my newly gained knowledge through countless pictures and what seemed to be inbreeding stories. Till this day, al most one year later, I’m still telling these stories over and over again, and honestly, I’ll pr bally never stop sharing them. In fact, I would like to add to them, whether I go back k to Turkey or visit other countries-?which is a goal of mine. Writing this essay has created an situation to pack up my bags and embark o ewe endeavor.

It all started with my very first trip. Although it wasn’t the most exciting trip I’ve taken throughout the years, my fernier has only grown stronger wit h each trip. From being a small town girl from Rome, GA-?yes, I know that statement is be yond cliche-?in the grand city of New York watching Broadway shows and of course shopping in Times Square, to gaining Georgians war history in the beautiful As van, Georgia and surprisingly to my knowledge, all the history that lies beachheads o f Type 3 Island, Georgia.