One of the many issues that Police Department’s face today is trust, a lot Of communities have lost faith in the police department due to the immunity feeling as though they use excessive force, without assessing the situation before exerting lethal force. The fact that there has not been justice for a lot of police shootings and killings has had the communities in an uproar. Leaving a lot of the people of the communities not knowing if law- enforcement is on their side or not. Law-enforcement agencies jobs are to make sure that everyone is safe from any threat and harm.

One way that local, state, and federal law-enforcement agencies in sure that safety is by interacting with the United States Department of Homeland Security known as DASH. DASH mission is to strengthen preparedness on the national level with resilience against potential incidents, whether it be chemical, cyber like the attacks from North Korea recently or terrorist attacks. The Department of Homeland Security is an agency that should have Intel on any situation before it is to occur. DASH should also have ways of combating it when these threats shell arise.

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The only way that DASH can do their job and do it efficiently is if all awe-enforcement agencies come together to stand in the system. For example a lot of the drugs that are sold in the Ignited States come from outside of the united States, so the issue is bigger than just local police. The local police need to inform DASH so that they can combat the war on drugs. If the local police do not inform DASH of their findings there is no way that they would be able to handle the drugs being distributed through the street.

Local police have jurisdiction which prohibits them from being able to go further than hat they are allowed. Of course they can let the federal agents know what is going on, but on a national scale the Department of Homeland Security can get more done. DASH need help from state, local and federal agencies to strengthen that barrier between Intel and attacks. There must be a strong trust between the agencies so that they build a bond and are able to share information amongst each other.

Information that is shared between the agencies should be quick and efficient as possible in order to ensure the security of the United States. Any information that pertains to the safety of the United States should be provided to DASH so that they can investigate and act accordingly, to ensure the protection of all citizens in this country. I believe that the relationship between the law-enforcement agencies can be strengthened simply by making sure that they have a dedicated mine of communication. Maybe a database that is checked on a daily basis so that everyone is in the loop.

Anything pertaining to a breach of security weather small, big or even something that may have been a prank should be sent over o DASH for further investigation. The main divide between the agencies Phil is, and will always be trust. Each agency is responsible for their part, but I do know that agencies do not want to feel as though they cannot handle issues alone. They may not want another agency to move in on them, which will make them feel like they cannot handle the job. Which can be an issue in itself if the agencies have an ego about allowing other agencies to help them with problems that they may have. Live that there should be some type f morale between all agencies so that they can band together and combat the world terrorism combo cyber-attacks that we are now facing today, and issues that we may be facing on the streets on a national level. I know that that is in a perfect world but if they can find ways to make it better it would definitely lead to a better world. Believe that there is now like a liaison between all agencies, but I know that if everyone was on the same page and knew exactly the information that was conveyed to the next party they would feel more comfortable with trusting the other agency.