Bangle contemporary novel writers have to add various dimensions in their writing in order to gain more acceptance among the readers Of Bangle literature. C] Contemporary’ writers need to use more metaphors among their writings and have to use their writings carefully and subtly in order to keep their readers interested. The writers have to assume that the readers are intelligent. This way they will be able to thrive. 3 њChuddar, S. (n. D). Stated that The Bengali novel originated in the nineteenth century as a product of the colonial encounter, though it drew upon a multiplicity of iterate traditions, indigenous as well as foreign. P. 6 ). C] Though those are the criteria of the initial category novels of Bangle, it has evolved very much since then. 4 RESEARCH QUESTIONS C] When was the last time they read a Bangle novel? CLC What do they expect from the writers? 0 How do they compare the international literature with the Bangle literature? 5 D What are they aspects they don’t like about Bangle C] What do they think about lack of creativity in Bangle 6 HYPOTHESIS 0 The contemporary Bangle literature have many important aspects. Once a lot of creativity were hon. by the Bangle novel writers. But now we can see lot of clicks and predictability among the writers.

C] From my research, expect to find that the writers are not getting enough motivations for writing Bangle 7 D think new writers cannot be found in contemporary Bangle literature due to the economic hardship the writers have to bear and endure. 1 also think that too much exposure to technology is killing the appetite for literature in youth. C] I also think that this situation can be changed with the necessary steps from the people related with Bangle 8 Number of respondents (20) . The last time the participants of the survey read a Bangle novel 12 10 25% 15% 5% A. Thin a month B. Before one month C. Within a year D. Cannot remember 55% people cannot remember when was the last time they read a Bangle novel. 80% of the respondents of the survey haven’t read a Bangle novel within a month. 9 2. Category of a contemporary Bangle novelist of the current era A. D. Creative, B. C. Mediocre, 3, 15% predictable, A. Weak predictable C. Mediocre D. Creative 70% of the respondents have a negative attitude toward a contemporary writer Of the current era. Only 30% of the respondents think that the contemporary writers of the current era are creative.

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