Lastly, it means that no tater what happens, you and your nation will come together to make our world a better place! We as Americans live in a nation of freedoms! They allow us to speak our minds, to choose our religion, protect ourselves, and participate in the making of our government. In our great nation our words have power. If we feel that something isn’t being taken care of we can use our freedoms to speak Our truths, take it to our government, and possibly get something changed. Protection of oneself is a freedom that is real and often disputed.

We can take up arms, we can use our words, we can make our homes into mini base like places if we so choose, our protection is just that OURS. As Americans our government is of the people, for the people! Nowhere else is a united nation so in control for themselves. What a privilege it is to live in this great nation. Bob Marble once said “Love the life you live, Live the life you love. ” Only in America is this truly an option! American means serving your country to help make it a better place. We are able to serve in the military both on our homeland and foreign countries.

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Making both, our world, a safer place to be. That is the epitome of being an American, putting others before yourself. You can serve in our government, helping better our communities and our country. As kids we can serve our country through volunteer work, or even by going to school, learning to become better citizens. I will never forget the way our country came together and served as one on 9/11! 9/1 1 is such a sad event in our history but one of the greatest examples of what it means to be American. To me to be an American means to take care!

Take care of yourself, of your community, of our land, of our environment, of your neighbors. To be American is to be an entire nations of differences working together to take care of one another! To be American is to give back to your country. I love that live here in a place of such care and concern. Don’t think that I would be able to live anywhere else and be so happy! America Majestic Everlasting love Red, white and blue Integrity Care A home to all What Does American Mean To Me?