Montgomery fell to the ground but quickly got back up and hit Edward in the head with a club. After being hit in the head, Edward was knocked out and carried out of the raging crowd. Not too long after that one of the soldiers thought he heard the commanding officer shout fire, so the soldiers shot into the crowd. When all of the smoke cleared 3 men were shot and died on the spot, A black sailor named Crisps Attacks, a rope maker named Samuel Gray and a mariner named James Caldwell, were all shot by British troops. The British troops wounded 8 other, two of whom died later that eight, Salute Maverick, and Patrick Carr.

Later that month Caption Thomas Proton was arrested for manslaughter along with eight other soldiers. Every year on March 5th, people gather at the old state house in Boston Massachusetts and reenacted the events that happened on this historic day. They dress up as colonist and British troops when they reenact of the Boston Massacre. They use the real muskets that the British troops used but they do not use real marbles and gun powder during the reenactments. They use sound effects and smoke mach nines that contribute to the Boston Massacre lining. There were many different weapons used during the Boston Massacre.

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These weapons include rocks, sticks, chunks of ice and the musket. A musket is a type of gun that the British used during the Boston Massacre. These guns were shot by putting marbles and gun powder down the barrel of the gun. At the very end of the gun there is a sharp pointy weapon called the club. This was often used to stab the enemy. Here is a picture of a British musket. The troops used the musket to frighten the colonist, but the muskets were not frightened it only made they more upset. Revived a British uniform that were wore during the time Of the Boston Massacre.

These uniforms had mostly red jackets with white pants. The uniform a musket holder on the back of the uniform so they could carry the musket. This helped so they didn’t have to carry their guns by hands. Here is a picture of the British uniform. On the night of the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere drew a picture of the Boston Massacre. He named it the Bloody Massacre. Here is a picture of the Bloody Massacre. The Boston Massacre was the most devastating event that ever happened, vive men lost their lives that day and they will always be remembered.