That does not mean that, social life is to important but equally important. Both need to be managed equally. Well, the difference is, academics take you far in life and it determines your success and quality in your future life. According to JEFF KELLY JANUARY 20, 201 3, in his Poorly Educated But Incredibly Successful People”, he clearly listed the 10 great people who are successful in life in spite of less educated. All these 10 people proved that education is just a base for once knowledge but does not became a base for one’s success in life. Also, Accordingly to Robert Sukiyaki, Posted on: Tuesday,

April 09, 201 3, “50 Extremely Successful People Who Never Finished School”, he stated that, school does not a make a person successful because it does not teach financial education. In fact of the successful people are successful in life without finishing his school. He supported his article by giving example of people who never finished their school but are successful in their life. Few of them are, George Washington, President of the Ignited States, Abraham Lincoln President of the United States, John Major, Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill Prime Minister of England, Ray Crock Founder of

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McDonald’s, John D. Rockefeller, Founder of Standard Oil and may more. There are many students who wrote their views in a blob stating that, education is important but social life is more important. Few of them stated that education is important and few stated that, social life is important. And some feel that, both are important. They also stated that, education is more important for a better and a secure future. At the same time, they would get insane, if they just keep studying all the time. It is true that, people who are just stuck up with education all the time would definitely get insane.

Education is defiantly important, but that does not mean that, education alone is important. Social life for one self is more important, and education is only important for a better and a quality life. It is important to know that, personality of each individual takes form from family, education and social life. For example, a child learns as he grows, firstly he learns from his mother, then he tends to learn from his family, and then as he grows and is put in school, even before learning things from education and academics, he tends to learn things from other children. He tends to learn their habits. He learns what life is, from his friends.

He faces different phases of life with different experiences that he comes across. He fails and get up and still strive to achieve the set goals in life. All these experiences are not thought in any educational system or any school or colleges. All these are learnt by social life alone. A explores new things, his innovation thinking starts from looking at others, his ideas comes from looking at different things around him where in, he is actually not learning these things from educational system. Of course education is very important or ideas to be put into practice and for reorganization and a quality life.

But it is more important to know that even teachers in schools and colleges wants children to think out of the box, they want them to things differently than mentioned in the books. Everyone wants things to be put in differently and that is what makes a person special and different and is recognized as talented. Social life definitely is a healthy way of growing and we can learn from them although it is a different kind of learning. Whereas, academics can expand your enlightenment by making you see things in a different way. There are many reasons to say that Social life is more important.

Every individual should have social life because that leads to personal growth of an individual’s personality. If a person is highly educated and does not have a social life, he is actually called as a book worm and he might not know how to interact with people and how to actually jell up with people. That may actually affect him down the line irrespective of the good position he is placed in life. He cannot be a good manager if he does not know how to interact with people around him and how to get work done through them. Just educational knowledge would not teach an individual to manage people.

But being social would teach how to interact and manage people and this in turn helps in growing the work in success terms. Also, a good social life, will lead to having a lifelong good connections with people which will actually pay off in unexpected and good ways. Even Bloom, who met his catering business partner at the University of California, reported the Chronicle of Higher Education in May 201 1 . A fraternity alumnus also helped Bloom land his first major job, as a construction manager, after graduation. Also, social life also leads to great release of stress.

Connecting with other people is important for incoming students as they adjust to new living arrangements and relationships, according to the university of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign’s counseling office. Also, not all learning experiences in one’s life come from classroom experience or lecture hall. But it also comes from interacting with different people and sharing their common views. Social life improves in Social Circles, Exposure to Diversity, leads a person to have Self-confidence, builds up Relationships and networking and acts as a tress buster. According to Kaufman Domain, 08/18/2013, Education carries its own importance.

He wrote in his article how education played a major role and what importance it carried out. He stated how he could achieve his goal to become a software engineer by working hard by studying. He stated that education is a knowledge gaining aspect. He ended his article saying that, education makes us capable of interpretation things among other things. He stated that, it is not just about lessons in text books but also about lessons in life. He feels that, education will lead an individual to have a quality fife and thus feels that he wish he could provide education for all the uneducated children. Education is important in its own ways.

Education reflects of a good civilized human as civilization has progressed by innovation in education since periods. Also, education spreads awareness in society about how we can be a good social being and help others in our daily life. It helps in removing blanket of ignorance and help people in knowing them their fundamental rights. It also, help in imparting moral values which is missing in our youth and needs to be addressed carefully for creating a good society. Also, is important to earn money and to refine oneself, it need not be math or science or something u learn at schools it can be common etiquette or something from Internet.

Academics are considered as the most important aspect in human life around the world. Even if people with great talent they do not have education, they are actually not respected in the society. Unless, a person having a strong will like few of the great people who had strong will to grow up in life irrespective of their uncompleted school life. We also see that, now a day, education system holds huge money and parents are in turn investing lot of money to educate their kids. This shows that, parents are keen about giving the best and quality life to their children.

There are many of the reasons, why education has its own importance. Firstly, academics help a person to read, write and speak. This is very important to even build our social life. Without which, social life cannot be built. It helps to communicate properly. Helps in learning managerial skills which would help a person to grow his business of even work. It the main cause for raise in the employment opportunity. Mainly, it helps him to earn his bread at any place and anywhere. For the economic growth of the nation. To turn your dreams into reality. To overcome superstitions beliefs.

Helps you understand the world that you’re living in It is very important to know that, education and social life are the importance aspects of life and they actually lead a person to develop his personality. Each play its own importance and each are connected with each other for the best and quality life for an individual. Education helps a person to learn to read, write, learn and communicate. And this in turn helps to communicate with other people around the world and improves our social life. Education may or may not help a person to live life.

But, social life is very important for an individual to live life. For example, beggar for the road, or a kid working in a shed, still make their living each day with no education. Only thing is, they do not have a quality life like all others. Whereas, an highly educated person with no proper social connections may fail to be successful in his business with improper good connection, which may actually lead him for a better success at work and growth of his business. Thus, I conclude that, both social life and academics carry their own importance.

We need to learn to balance our both social and academic life accordingly. Every individual should know the importance of both social life and Educational life. So that, every child is given the opportunity to learn the book knowledge and also learn things from life experience through social life. One thing every individual should remember is, social life can be caught up any part of life and every individual without one’s knowledge get into having social life. But, education is just one way path. Life gives us just one change to get educated in the right time and at the right age.

Once we grow old, we tend to fall into different commitments of life and we fail to get educated further. That is the reason; every parent would make sure that they join their children in school at the age of 2 or 3. It would not be nice, for 10 year old kid to get back to class one and the fundamentals of education again. So, this has to be kept in mind that, life gives us just once chance to be educated at a certain time. And every individual should know its importance and act accordingly. References Kidnap, A. (201 3, July). Top 1 5 Reasons why Education is Extremely Important.