Due to the death of the director the new director has asked me to assist the investigators and inform the authorities hat we’ll kindly co-operate in anyway although we can’t tolerate any major disruption, even though I was concerned about the investigation and how it was putting me behind my work and out Of my place he assured me that will still have my spot after it clears up.

Today at Gotcha went up to the top to watch the launch again like usually do looking up at the sky made me feel unfortunate, knowing I wouldn’t be able to go up there myself and knowing that the only trip I would be able to take in space is around the sun on the titillate due to what they call unacceptable likelihood of heart failure even though I was genetically engineered there were flaws.

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I wonder what it would be like if didn’t have heart failure and my genetically engineering was successful, I would have been able to a lot more and I guess Working at Gotcha would be different too. Today was different though as I was walking Jerome came up behind me letting me know he was there by saying “l see I’m not the only one who looks up every time there’s a launch” we started talking bout the director and how he had tried to cancel his flight a couple of times. Old Jerome that had him sequenced and read his file I also told him about me having a likelihood of heart failure considering he thought was engineered like the rest of them. I gave him a strand of my hair so he can get me sequenced but he let it go saying “the wind blew it”. That night I was picking up Jerome to go watch the man with twelve fingers play his piece on the piano, it was quite extraordinary to watch him play, Jerome caught one of his gloves after and passed it to me, it was a lovely gesture.

A few nights later we went out again it was not how I expected it to go at all it started of lovely but as the night went on the investigators came and everything changed, I had to run and it was very tiring, don’t think I have every run so much in my life I told him that I couldn’t run that much and he replied with ‘You just did”. I was quite frightened in the ally way standing with Vincent but he kind of calmed me down.