Both Cheryl and Fee are the same race, aspiring to be in the e same professional field, share the same sexual orientation and lastly both are involved in an intent racial relationship that did not sustain. Dunne uses the characters of Cheryl and Diana to illustrate et the interjectional oppressions Of race and class faced by lesbians in interracial relationships. SSH e does this by establishing class distinctions of Cheryl and Diana and the disapproval of Chew rill’s interracial relationship of her friend Tempura. Cheryl and Diana relationship holds a significant role in the plot of

Watermelon Woman. The two meet at Cherry’s job where she works as a sales associate at local MO vie store and Diana is a customer at the same store. This alone establishes the class distinction be teen the t;woo women. This scene depicts a black woman working and white woman have the e leisure to enjoy movies and not have to worry about work. This type of distinction has been around for centuries. Black women were al ways working taking over the many responsibilities of white woman and all while the white woman has the privilege of leisure to do as she pleases.

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In Toni Morrison article “What the Black Woman Thinks About Women’s Lib” s he the states one major clear distinction of race in the early 20 century ‘Winnie women were ladies worthy of respect” and “colored females, on the other hand, were women – u unworthy of respect because they were tough cable independent and modest. ” (Morrison) In the s name article Morrison also notes that “black women considered themselves superior to who tie woman. Not racially superior just superior in terms of their ability to function healthily in t he world. (Morrison) These two quotes from Morrison serve as an example of the preexisting battle between black women and white women. Dealing with both race and c lass, white woman automatically were placed in a higher class than blacks just based on race no matter their economic position in society. In the scene where Cheryl and Diana meets the i interjectional oppression is automatically apparent. Throughout the movie one will notice t hat Diana has a higher class position over Cheryl.

For instance, Diana never once was shown working, she was often shown shopping whether it was for food to movies, she had the white w Oman privilege of leisure. Diana also had her own place but no job this shows that Diana was alls o in a higher economic position than Cheryl as well. The film definitely portray the historic al context of the interjectional oppression of black women class due to race. Black women negative reaction towards interracial relationships dates back to the late the 19 century.

Many black mothers, wives, sisters, daughters seen their black men I hunched on account of the lies told by white women. Due to the historical context of Lynn hinge black men has left a permanent dislike of interracial relationships within in the black comma unity. The hatred for interracial relationship is no difference within the homosexuals TTY community. Tempura, Cheryl best friend and also co worker disapprove of her new pronoun d relationship with Diana. She considers Cheryl as trying to become white because she wan TTS to make films and is dating a white woman.

Tempura attitude towards white women is define tell a hatred that has been passed down to her from generations of hating the white woman. In the short story “Advancing for Ulna and Ida 8. Wells” by Alice Walker, Ulna the narrator friend tells her story of rape by a black man and to disbelief the Nair tort does not believe her “she told me she had been raped during her summer in the south. It was hard for me, even now, to relate my feeling of horror and incredulity”(Walker 91 ).

This section FRR mom Alice Walker short story reminds me of Tempura in a sense, the narrator not believing in he r friend is a form of embedded hatred for white woman. The same goes for Tempura, she has this embedded hatred for white women, not only did she accuse Cheryl of acting “white”, and disapprove De of Cherry’s interracial relationship, she also treated the new employee Anna who was who et harshly based on re skin color. Tempura believes in same race for all relationships, I find her p hilltop’s hypercritical based on her sexual orientation.

Its bad enough in society homo sexual are discriminated against in society, but when they are discriminated against in the Eire own community black lesbians then face triple oppression. Not only does interjectional popper scions that lesbians face limits who they are as individuals, the hatred that has been installed over the years have left their love to be limited. The Watermelon Woman was a great movie depicting the internationality of race and lass in interracial relationships.