While doing the internship we got to enhance our knowledge as well as learned unction and activities of HER department. What L&T is and basically what the Power department of L&T is into is brought into lime light in this report. Table of Content This report is in accordance with the internship carried after Pith Semester as to gain experience about corporate life and about the work done in an organization. Lengthener was carried in Larsen & Doubt Ltd under the branch of L&T Power. The focus of the internship was on Human Resource Department of Power.

The report contains various functions like Learning and Development, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, Statutory Compliances, Employee Engagement, Employee Benefits, Compensation and Manpower Planning/ Budgeting and also includes the Employee Life Cycle . Certain practical work like Document Management and a glimpse of HER audit was given by the organization to experience and Theoretical knowledge about the HER practices taken in the organization. Larsen & Doubt Limited Larsen & Doubt is a technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and service company with global operations.

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Strong customer-orientation, an innovative spirit and the constant quest for top-class quality have enabled L&T to attain and sustain leadership in its major lines of business for over seven decades. L&T has set several global benchmarks of scale, speed and complexity in the projects it executes and the wide range of products it manufactures. With offerings that impact infrastructure development, hydrocarbon, power, aerospace and defense, the company is seen in the role of Nation-Builder.

Internationally, L&T has a wide presence with a manufacturing footprint that straddles eight countries, offices around the globe and collaborations with multiple global majors. HISTORY The company was found in 1938 by two Danish engineers- Henning Holly- Larsen and Sorer Kristin Doubt from a fledgling partnership firm in Iambi, it has grown into a publicly held company, With the distinction of having a significant part of its equity held by its own employees Mr.. Holly Larsen and Mr..

S. K. Doubt Were Chemical and Civil Engineers respectively, who where working with a Danish company for there cement plant business. They visited India to explore cement business opportunities here. But during the world war, they found opportunity to start their own repair shop for military equipment, daily equipment, etc. The company soon started manufacturing daily equipment and started Engineering Construction Company nil 944. In the early 1 ass’s, L became public limited company.

VISION L shall be a professionally-managed Indian Multinational, Committed to total customer satisfaction And enhancing shareholder value. L-ites shall be an innovative, Entrepreneurial and empowered team Constant .NET creating value And attaining global benchmarks. L shall foster a culture of caring, Trust and continuous learning While meeting expectations Of Employees, stakeholders and society. Chapter I: POWER L is uniquely positioned as the only private sector company in India with al-encompassing capabilities in the power sector.

It delivers complete EPIC solutions for coal-based supercritical and gas-based thermal power plants. The capability spectrum extends across every facet -? engineering, manufacturing project management, construction and commissioning. In- house capabilities account for 85% of the total power generation value chain. Customized offerings include: *Complete EPIC *BAT Island *Boiler Island *Turbine Island * Complete Balance of Plant. It has Global alliances with the industry leaders like Sergeant & Lund, MI, MELEE, Hoyden, Clyde Bergmann and CM ensure the benefits of state-of-the-art technology.

L Power believes in growth in consonances with the aspirations of society and the nation. Its commitment to environment is exemplified through its distinctive super- critical technology, widely acknowledged as being more environment friendly than conventional modes of generating power. L Power has one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturing facilities for power at Hazier (Gujarat). A waterfront location offers logistical advantages for shipment and transport. The CEO and MD of L&T is Mr.. K. Pentagram’s and Executive Chairman is Mr.. A. M. Nazi.

POWER L Power shall be Indian’s most preferred provider f equipment services and turnkey solutions for fossils fuel-based power plants and a leading contributor to the nation’s power generation capacity. MISSION L Power shall provide Products based on efficient and environment-friendly technology, consistently surpassing customers expectations of quality on-time delivery. L Power shall follow fair, transparent and ethical practices in its interactions with all stake holders and achieve performance excellence by innovation and continuous improvement in people, product and services.

L Power shall foster a cuter of care, trust, challenges and empowerment among its employees Organizational Structure Employee Grade Structure: Chapter II: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The Human Resource Team at L Power is segregated into 3 main parts, they are: Talent Acquisition People Management Process Learning and Development Talent Acquisition: Talent Acquisition can be termed as the first phase or segregation of HER Department. This basically does the work of Recruiting and Selecting.

This phase is carried on through a complete planned procedure. The procedure is as follows; 1 . Sourcing: Sourcing is basically selecting the source through which the recruitment is actually to be carried out from. The source can be external or internal. External is wherein biblically notice is given or outsourcing. Internal sourcing is wherein the employees themselves suggest people for the organization through the scheme of Mantrap. Or when transfer or promotion is given.

L Power the Internal sources like Re-employment of ex- employees, internal advertisement, Transfer, and Promotion were as external sources are Campus interviews, consultancy firm, Portals, Agency and walk-in- interviews are used. 2. Screening: The given applications are screened and the unnecessary or irrelevant applications are rejected. The most relevant axis for screening are experience, skills, education, behavior etc. 3. Interviews: After screening, the applicants who are selected are called for an interview wherein the skills and qualification is assessed.

Here the candidates are either selected, rejected or kept in hold by the company. 4. Offer disclosure: If selected, an offer disclosure is given to the candidate, at this stage, where he is disclosed with the package and grade, and he can negotiate and accept or reject the job offer. If kept on hold, the company may call him in future. 5. Joining Formality: In this stage the employees joining formalities like preference check, examination, signing of bond and such procedures are done. 6.

Appointment Letter: Here the employee is given Appointment letter and it is the first contractual document of an employee with the company. People Management Process: This process is where the company maintains and manages the employees. Employees are the biggest asset of an organization. In today’s competitive world, an organization which aspires for sustainable growth must realize that they need to adopt right people strategies to ensure that employees feel motivated and valued in the organization. Researches have proven that an engaged and motivated employee contributes to the overall productivity of an organization.

Hence, employee engagement is the differentiating factor and provides competitive edge to the organization. People Management Process is the backbone of an HER function and immensely contributes to employee engagement by ensuring that the basics are in place and by deploying systems to build a culture of high performance. Our key focus in last three years was to bring more transparency in HER policies, enhance our service standards by responding promptly and effectively to employee quests and creating a Performance Management System which is fair and objective.

The MS is operated through CRISP Portal. PM team has partnered with business by taking up following roles – a) Staffing – Attendance, Leave Management, Salary Administration etc. B) Managing employee life cycle in the organization -Joining, Confirmation, Promotion, Transfer & Separation c) Retention of Talent -? Attrition Analysis, Benefits & Claims, Performance Appraisals & Feedback Employees are our customers and one of the key roles performed by PM team is to receive and resolve employee queries in an effective and timely manner.

A proper query resolution mechanism reduces the stress an employee otherwise goes through, helps us building good relationships with employees & strengthens employee’s bond with the organization. Following are the key functions performed by People Management Process: a) Attendance and Leave Management b) Compensation & Benefit Administrations c) Transfers, Postings and Deputations of the employees d) Long service awards e) Rewards and Promotions f) Door Access cards, SEE cards and ID card issuance g) Confirmation, Resignation and Separations h) Site HER and Administration i) Employee service Portals Learning and Development:

The Learning and Development team keeps training programs, arranges seminars and such programs for the development of their employees. Following are the kinds Of training provided by Learning and Development tear: a) Technical b) Functional c) Behavioral/ Managerial Technical training is business specific train innings, given for working with boilers, pipes, turbines etc. Through institutions like IMP (Institute of Project Management). Functional training is training program which is not dependent with the main domain of operations.

Egg. Training for excel, Tally, Training related to SAP portals etc. Managerial Training is a long term training aerogram, where soft skills required at every level of organization, while joining/probation period or during promotions, are developed. Chapter Ill: HER PRACTICES in POWER The Main strength Of the company’s HER practices lies in rigorous and continuous training in general management, technical disciplines and business policy and this made L&T as one of the top companies with most innovative human resource management practice. . Employee Service Portals: Employees generally route their queries and grievances regarding any of the above stated functions through following modes: a) Through e-mails b) Through Telephone / In Person ) Through Employee Service Portals Since the use of the Portals, Organization has constantly evolved in terms of its systems, policies and its ability to integrate employees joining from various organizations.

It was felt that many of the queries and grievances arise due to lack of awareness among employees & can be reduced if some of this information is made available to employees at their desk. Hence, certain proactive steps are taken to make the information & assistance available to employees in a manner convenient to them.

Following steps have been taken to address the root cause of queries and grievances: a) Clearly defined role ND responsibility structure for the team members to ensure timely resolution of queries b) A well-structured joining process to make new joins feel welcome c) Effective admit castration of Attendance & Leave Rogue laryngitis d) Transparency in Compensation & benefit related policies e) Focused HER Intervention for Project Sites Many of the employee queries emanate due to lack of adequate information on HER Policies and procedures at the time of joining.

Hence, conscious efforts are made to understand the expectation of a new joins with regard to his basic comfort, joining process, clarity on the policies related to benefits, lams etc. There are various Employee portals used in HER Department which are as follows: a) SC (Share Service Center): This portal is mainly for employee’s Salary and Benefits. B) CRISP: This portal is maintained for Time and Attendance of the employees. ) E-Campus: It’s for the Travel Tickets, Guest House, Holiday Home, Employee Directory and other such benefits. D) TEEMS: It’s mainly for Travel Expenses Settlement. Most of the HER Activities and Function carried through SAP System (System, Applications and Products in Data Processing). There are three environments in SAP which are: 1. Development, 2. Quality Assurance and . Production. It can be customized according to business requirement. L power is currently using SAP-RE which is a client server and has Multi-user System. In HER. Allowing SAP Modules have been used for business information management solutions: Personal Administration (PA) Organizational Management (MM) Time and Attendance (TA) Performance Management System(MS) Employee Document Management System(DEEMS) Salary & Reward Management Training and Development Employee Service Portal is a useful tool to achieve the following: a) Transparency in HER Policies and Processes b) Reduction in the processing time for Employee Benefits ) Smooth and effective handling of queries and grievances d) Capturing employee feedback, ideas etc.

Employee Portals broadly encompasses: Employee Service Request a) Service Request: Employees can raise queries/requests b) HER Benefits: Employee can apply for HER benefits through system c) My Requests: Employees can check status of their requests under four categories: Service Requests Employee Benefit Requests New L Requests Wish to Join New L Assistance: To assist new L if any initial support is awaited Mantrap: Links to the employee referral scheme Mantrap Information Section ) Employee Hand Book: PDF copy of Employee Hand Book available for employee reference b) Holiday list: Holiday list of all locations are available c) Celebration Photographs: Photographs of celebrations d) L Anthem, L Values, Vision & Mission: PDF copies of each is available e) Executive Health Checkup: List & Contact details of hospitals tied up with L f) My Planner: Employee can maintain his own calendar of important meetings, activities, appointments etc. Employee Bonding a) Birthday Wishes: Birthday wishes can be send to colleagues via email b) Appreciate: Appreciation messages for colleagues can be put here c) Society:

Car Pool, Accommodation sharing Buy & Sell, Discount Offers Employee Voice a) Your Ideas b) Opinion Poll c) Survey Corner d) Feedback e) To recognize employee voice through suggestions, opinion polls and surveys Other Features a) Training Calendar b) Training Team details c) Training repository d) Induction Presentations e) Fun @ Work: Fun Quotient- Four teams for employees to join based on interests f) Weekend Splash: Interactive sessions with experts for building work life balance on topics like health, hobbies etc. Some of the Key Features of Employee Portals: News & Updates: This feature is used by HER to make important announcement or communicate any update in policies, procedures, simple facts about application procedures of Leaves, Employee Benefits etc. New L Assistance: Often when employees newly join the organization, they are not aware of who’s who and at times feel lost. The “New L&T-ites Assistance” is a feature were which enables a new joins to easily access the policies and seek assistance by a simple click Of button.

A form is available to employees which they can fill and submit to raise any type of query. Quick Processing of Employee Benefits: Employees can now get information about arioso HER policies on portal, easily access the forms and apply for these benefits. On receipt of the approval from concerned authority, the form flows back to the employee confirming the status for his/her request. This feature has made the application process extremely simple & faster. HER policy Repository: This tab has been created to centrally maintain all policy documents related to HER. It includes four types of documents – Restricted, Confidential, General& Standard Formats.