Secondarily, our canals and rivers support some of the Auk’s most important wildlife. The unique and beautiful natural environment of our waterways is without doubt a key part of what makes them very special places to visit and 1 1 million people do so every year. Protecting and enhancing the waterways environment is one of the key public benefits delivered by the Canal & River Trust. In addition we provide learning resources linked to the National Curriculum, trails, water safety sessions, and ideas for badges, challenges and other activities.

Furthermore we donate approximately about El 53. 20 million to the disabled in order to ensure those who are affected, that they are not alone and that they have support. The gratitude that we receive from those we help and aid indescribable, that is why we would like everyone who can help to donate what they can give to help pay for more workers or even volunteer their time. Our work means that children, can get the care needed to improve or suit their lifestyle/ disabilities. We get regular donations from Angelina Joliet.

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We recently asked err how she felt about helping someone else in the world and she replied with ‘I live a better life than many others, and the fact that can change those lives who are not as lucky as mine really makes me feel like I am unique and useful because am doing something that many people are benefiting from. ‘ Surely, lending a helping hand, will mean the world to those who are suffering every day. Therefore, please consider the expression on those faces, thankful, happy, and relieved that they have someone who is looking out for them.