Instead Of holding Off the hear Eng until the court found a sign language interpreter for Gonzalez, they went on with his hearing without him really understanding what was going on or what he was being charged with. Similar incident happened with Steven Broccoli. Broccoli was arrested and charge d for a DUD. Broccoli is completely deaf in his left ear and only 10 percent hearing in his right ear. When Broccoli was brought to the police station, he was denied his request of a sign I engage interpreter because he technically can still hear.

Both Of these situations, both people should’ve received some kind Of interpret deter, whether it be one in person or via video call because they have their rights. I t hint even though Broccoli can still hear a little its still hard for him to understand what the police are trying to say to him so he could’ve got an interpreter to confirm what the police were trying g to say to him. Both defendants, in my opinion, probably could try to either sue the court/ police station for not allowing and providing them with their rights or even try to drop their hares because they didn’t understand what they were being charged for.

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