Important Points to Note regarding Jockey Champions League and Pay Direct Card Joining fees and card activation fees will be paid by Paid Industries Limited. Card renewal fees (after usage of 2 years) will also be paid by Page Industries emitted. Not by the Retailer If the retailer looses / misplaces the card, he will have to call the xx helpline of CHIC Bank and apply for a fresh card. Retailer will pay for charges that apply for reissue off lost card. Retailer SHOULD NOT fill in anything in the ‘About Your Work’ section of the SKY form. This section has the rubber stamp of Page Industries Limited.

If he fills this section, the form will become INVALID While TIN/ VAT number of the retailers are not required at any stage of the programmer please note that we need a very clear photocopy of ANY ONE the following from the retailer: 1) Valid passport with photo and signature 2) Printed ration card with photo 3) Senior citizen card issued by Central / State government 4) Driving license from Regional Transport Authority If the above documents are not available with the retailer, then he has to end a very clear photocopy of ANY ONE of the following.

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