The importance of electricity Electricity is something everyone uses every day. Most people take it for granted but if we really think about it where would we be without electricity? In a dark world with no technology which might not bother some of our elders but to our new generation we would be completely lost without electricity to power our technology. Electricity is important to me and my family and my community for many reasons. Electricity is important to me because I use it for everything I do.

I take allege classes and all of our class work is on an online classroom and with no electricity to power my computer I wouldn’t be able to do any Of my class work, which would not look very great on my grades. It is important to my family because in our house we have a few electric heaters and electric blankets and with winter here it would be way to cold in my house with no way to power our heat. Electricity is important to my community as well because we use it for everything. We use it to power our schools and our businesses without them our town would be just a ghost town.

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We lost it in part of our town a while back when a transformer blew and we had none at and of our schools and with no lights or air conditioning and it was very dark. Electricity is very important to me, my family and my community and am very thankful for it. A world without it for our technology would be chaotic and dark and no one really wants that. It makes me very thankful for having electricity and makes me appreciate it that much more not take it for granted.