The defeated are not allowed to move but defend themselves with plastic bags. 3. It takes turns for the team members to play “paper, scissors, stone?’, i. E. , the one who has done the move once should proceed to the end of the line. 4. Every team member should have the chance to do the move. The team which wins most will defeat the other. Fifth two teams draw, they need to elect a member to do the move. (P. S. If one team outnumbers the other, one member on the team with more people will have to do the second time. ) 5. X 1 heck O 7. 5. Wash basin x 1 6. Large bucket x 1 7. Plastic bag x 10 2 inns 2.

Bingo Before the game, the game master should choose a number from 1 to 20. The game can involve teams. Members of the teams take turn to call out a number from 1 to 20. Meanwhile, the representative of the team and its members have to stand within the designated area. If the number called out is different from the game master’s choice, a new designated area will be formed according to the number called out. That will be followed by another team which needs to call out a number within the designated area, and so on. The game master will reveal the answer until the number of the choice is called out.

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The team members should splash water on the leading character’s clothing in a minute. After one minute, the leading character needs to take off the clothing and from it squeeze out the water. The team which gets most water squeezed out will win. 2. ex. 1. Large-sized clothing x 2 2. Disposable cup x 20 3. Large bucket x 2 4 9. Four dragons fighting for the pearl , hi-5/*, The game will need two teams. Each team should be subdivided into two groups and has the members numbered 1 to 5 or 6. They should do what is instructed. When the game master calls out a number, e. G. Umber 1, the ember numbered 1 of the groups should snatch the bucket filled with water and splash the water on the rivals numbered 1. Group Group Group Group Bucket 2. 0 1. Wash Basin XSL inns 10 Get the water with wisdom XSL , CD*xx, 2, o, ) , , iii) , i) The game will involve two teams. Each team should send one member for “paper, scissors, stone”. Ii) The winner can pick three tools (including sponge x 1, worn towel x 1, CD box x 2, cup x 2, plastic wrap x 2) that can help the team win. The defeated team can only get the three tools that are left. Iii) The game starts.

The two teams need to fill the jacket with water using the tools chosen faster than other teams. 1. xx 3. CDR 1. Sponge x 2 2. Tattered towel x 2 g. CD box x 2 4. Disposable plastic cup x 4 5. Tattered plastic bag x 4 6. Plastic wrap x 4 7. Small bucket x 4 8. Inns 11 Flying cups The competition will involve two teams which need to stay in their own enclosed area (rectangular of 2 meters x 1 meter). The team with less sponges pitched by the other team (into its area) will win. Best two out of three games. The arena will be divided into two halves with two gates.

Each team should elect a goal keeper to guard the gate hill the others should be evenly distributed on both sides. The game players should sit for the whole time and should snatch the rival’s sponge but only upper part of the body can move. If anyone breaks the rule, the serve will go to the other team. 1. 1. Wet sponge x 1 12 Sticking the melon seeds on the face 1 . The game players should wet their face one by one. 2. The team members should stick melon seeds on the face by turns without using their hands. 3. The team leaders should count the seeds (on the members’ face) right away.