This will be a critique based upon Scott Russell Sanders’ “Mountain Music l. ” It is about a typical father and son relationship on a camping trip meant for restoring their relationship; based upon the different perceptions they have on the world. The respect, friendship, awkward silence, and trying to share with his son the importance of making it through life without despair. As most parents, respect is the number one quality of life; without respect, o have nothing.

The beginning Of their camping journey started Off by the son, Jesse, walking off and leaving his father. Jesse did not take into consideration the tolls that were cast upon his fathers’ body and the anger made him not look back to check on his father. This is not something that one could agree with, leaving a parent behind out in the wilderness is just a cruel mindset. Scott Sanders, also the father had said, “So I slumped against a boulder beside the trail and let him rush ahead ” (p. 4). Many people would say this is a prime example of the disrespect one shows toward their father.

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The father explains how they have conversations of everyday issues but how they clash by gap of age and different perceptions of the world. He initiated a journey into the mountains in hope to restore the father and son relationship. It is proposed in everyday life that fathers and their sons will have disagreements upon many different issues. Exploring the mountains, the goal was to bring out the issues and confront the son to maybe overcome the awkward silences.