The Cornell Fine Arts Museum offers a unique experience in Winter Park, the museum grasps the only European old masters collection in the Orlando area. I attended this museum because I adore understanding the meaning behind paintings that were discovered years ago. I discovered the artist Francesco De Mural’s painting this was the only painting that I truly felt engaged with.

Francesco De Mural’s painting illustrates the visitation between Mary and Elizabeth, the significance behind their pregnancies, and the significance of the greeting. To begin with, the painting of Francesco De Muar signifies the miraculous pregnancies of Mary and Elizabeth. The cousins both had two of the most important prominent pregnancies in history. Mary was pregnant with Jesus Christ although she was a virgin. Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist in her old age.

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Next the painting illustrates the significance behind the greeting between the two cousins. As stated before, when Mary arrived to Elizabethan home, she was pregnant with Jesus Christ, son of God. The presence of Mary brought many blessings to Elizabeth and her unborn child. Elizabethan baby leaped in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit, later giving birth to John the Baptist. The painting selected from Francesco De Muar demonstrates from the Christianity world.

The visitation was illustrated from Luke in the Bible. Jesus Christ was born without Original Sin because he was conceived without Original Sin. To celebrate the visitation, today they call it a “Feast” and is celebrated on July 2; which is the day after the octave of SST John. In Conclusion, the painting of Francesco De Muar was a pleasing master piece. Francesco really made the painting come to life. He made me feel as if I was n the image with Mary and Elizabeth witnessing Mary give life to John the Baptist.