My name is Cam, in 2010 1 was only 13 years old growing up in the city of Detroit Michigan. Life was hard for my family, dad had a minimum wage job at the car factory while my mom was going through a recovery treatment for her crack addiction. Had 2 sisters, 11 and 9 years old. We lived in an apartment complex with at least 20 apartments and a swimming pool in the middle, it was the most broken down building ever built in 1973. I had a small circle of friends Kevin, Desman, Marquis, Mark and Jimmy.

After school all we did was go to the YMCA across from the C.V. 2 blocks down from school and nag out in the lobby, always spitting bars practicing at least 3 hours a day every day since 2008. Out Of all Of us I was the best, I had the Rhymes that turn your mind to stone. Kevin always competed with me for who was the best, him and I always rap battled but 2/3 times I came out on top. There were also these kids that made a “gang” called Pop$Ted, they were the biggest wannabes in school. They tried to rap and spit better bars than I did, but once it came to free-styling, was merely impeccable.

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As time went by we each got better and better, by 2013 1 was now 16. My mom was working in Wall-Mart and dad was promoted to factory manager, life was looking good as far as getting fed and buying clothes. At my school, rapping was a corona interest among all the young and old high school students. Every 3 years SST. Bishop’s secondary high school held a singing competition at the end of May, this was the final year I could enter since graduates can’t. It’s also county wide (the whole city) anyone from grades 7-12 could enter with any style of singing.

The grand prize was 45,000$, the competition fee was 50$ per person and sickest were sold for 1 5$ each, there were about 2,000 people that attended to win, the audience was at least 10,000 people. This all went down behind the school since there were so many people. Right now it was mid-February, my friend Jimmy’s friend Kindlier had a dad that knew some people in the local music industry. He was aware of my ability and thought I had great potential, great free styling was very hard to come by. Mr.. Jordan (Snicker’s dad’s associate) entered me in a small local rap battle which was in the most ghetto part of town.

With people ranging from 18-40, was so young and frail ad to keep protection with me in this dangerous area. So it was the first round of the battle, there was a bracket for the match. I was paired up against a rapper by the name of ETC-9000, it was his turn first. He got a lot of claps and whistling honestly he wasn’t half bad. When I stepped up to the microphone, the audience was in complete and utter silence probably due to my size and age. I started off slow then ended with at least a quatrain in my stanza/verse twice! Burning him and his existence.

The crowd went wild, easily the most satisfying moment of my entire life. ETC-9000 was so moved by this moment he walked off the stage with his head down and sunglasses on, getting booed at constantly. After a long 2 hours of 4 rounds and watching other people, finally made the final round. I was against a man they called Slim Shady. This man was 6’2, frail, white, with bleach blonde hair. Went first starting off very fast and ending with 6 long traces. He easily beat me without a sweat on his back, He spit 6 quatrains within the time it took me to spit 3 traces. He won the main prize of 2,000$ while I got nothing.

I mourned for a ewe days, knowing had to increase my vocabulary and practice rhyming with new schemes and techniques. My daily routine of rapping with my friends was on and off since I was studying the dictionary and reading lots of books. When did rap with my circle, they started noticing obvious improvement because I was actually trying now. Since there weren’t many rap battles with prizes in the area had to stay looked until the school competition. Around May 23rd I was prepping my final freestyle for the competition which was in 4 days, I thought it was the most perfect song I’ve ever written.