The main source of Augustus power was his position as commander of the R Oman Army. 4) What did the term “barbarian” mean to a Roman? What is the origin of that word? Romans referred to traders who frequented the conquered frontier and traffic cede with the native people, as barbarians. “Barbarians” was derived from a Greek word for people who didn’t speak Greek. 5) Why do you think the Pas Roman allowed for a literary boom in Rome bet when BOCCE and 17 CE? Think the Pas Roman allowed for the literary boom as a result of the August n settlement’s gift of peace. ) Who were the Muses? What was their function? The muses were Greek goddesses who ruled over the arts and sciences and o offered inspiration in those subjects. 7) Who is Dante and why is he associated with Virgil? (This is a question you WI II have to look up on the Internet. Or ask Dry Veers… She will be happy to tell you the answer!! ) Dante is the author and protagonist of Inferno. Virgil is Dent’s traveling companion in Dent’s Inferno 8) What did Augustus do for women in Rome?

Questions from Listening to the Past – Augustus Rest Gestate Augustus established new justices and liberties for women in the republic. 9) What major themes does Augustus address in his account of his career? Augustus chooses to emphasize the amount of money he contributed to the well Being of Rome, the various positions he held and what he did in those positions, the VA rises restorations of integral Roman architectural bodies, the expansion of Roman cue True domestically through backing arts and sports and internationally through expo ending the Roman Empire. 0) How does Augustus portray himself in this document? Augustus portrays himself as a war hero, an influential person to the Roman g overspent and above all that he was a man of the people. 1 1) Does this account convince readers of Augustus truth and sincerity? Yes, readers should be convinced of Augustus truth and sincerity, considering g that his main purpose was to show how much he cared about the well being of the city of R mom and its people.

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