A stump speech is when a political candidate stood on a cut down tree stump to deliver a standard speech. Describe the “Con” caricature. A Con is a man that would imitate African American stereotypes as entertainment. What is a “malapropism? ” Malapropism is the use of an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound. 6. Describe the “tragic mulatto. “

A tragic mulatto is a person that is of mixed race who is sad and maybe even suicidal because they do not completely fit in with the white world or the black world. According to Glenda Dickson, which is the most insidious and lingering stereotype confronting black people? Describe this stereotype and from what film by whom did this stereotype become welded into American consciousness. Some of the most insidious and lingering stereotypes of black people are The mamma which is usually a big dark skinned woman that is typically ugly who is happily obedient to her slave owners, very protective ever them and a caregiver.

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The picnicking which is a African American child that is always running around in the wilderness and always climbing trees. They are seen as animal like and a savage. The samba was a African American male who is typically always laughing as if life is a game. He is childlike, takes everything as a joke, and always singing a song. He is also seen as a moocher for food and life.