The Radio Broadcast, “Evangelist Makes Plea for Lord of Scriptures,” Los Angels Times, August 6, 1 923, talks about how Jesus would help us and how we can’t live without him and today there re many people that don’t believe and say that he no longer helps us and motion pictures, festivals are not helping us. “Indictment of modern churches that would bridge the way to heaven with “chicken suppers and social psychology,” instead of with the vital doctrines of the Son of God” (196).

In the Cartoon: Religious “modernism” Offers Clod Comfort, Frigid Air Seminary from page 13 of the periodical The Bridal Call Foursquare Published July 1928, it mocks the modern elements of society education and science and aims to make modern science look ridiculous with the Doctrine of The Frigid Seminary ester and blindfolding the preachers as a symbol that they no longer know what they are talking about. “We deny the virgin birth, the bible is full of mistakes” (198). Young Women Discuss Petting, Phyllis Blanchard and Carolyn Manages, New Girls for Old (New York; Macaulay Co. 1 930) talked about how young girls were sending letters asking for advice about choosing to continue acting the way their parent taught them or joining their friends. ” the girl who has been brought up to believe that petting smoking and drinking are wrong but see one or all of these things done by many of her friends is doubtful as o what course he shall pursue”(206). At the end of the document they had concluded that sexual intercourse was safe only if it was introduced to the more permanent arrangement of matrimony.

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I believe both the fundamentalist and the modernists have won the battle because before the war the fundamentalist were wining and after the war the modernists were wining. In the Young Women Discuss Petting, Phyllis Blanchard and Carolyn Manages, New Girls for Old (New York; Macaulay Co. , 1930) most of the advice given was to continuing to follow their parents ideals. In Fundamentalists Battle Modernism in the Roaring Twenties, Excerpts from Summer of the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America’s Continuing Debate over Science and Religion by Edward J.

Larson, talks about modernists and how they believe in scientific discovery and how the fundamentalist are fighting against them within the government and school. “Conservative Christians drew together across denominational line to fight for the so-called fundamentals of their traditional faith against received heresy of modernism, and in so doing gave birth to the fundamentalist movement and antipollution individual rights lost out under this political philosophy. (221 ) “various states and local authorities had limited freedom prior to this period, to be sure, but these earlier restriction represented isolated incident and could be dealt with accordingly. The war changed everything” (224) I would characterize this period as both the age of jazz and the age of probation. I would characterize it as the age of jazz as an artistic expression for many people and the age of probation as a more legal issue. In the essay Sex and Youth in the Jazz age Paula S. Fast, The Dinned and The Beautiful: American

Youth I the sass, 1 977, it talked about how dating, smoking, makeup and clothing have changed in the 1920 along with jazz and probation. Jazz was a more popular form of dancing because it was more intimate and fast step. “Dancing would leave its stamp on the twenties forever, and jazz would become the lingering symbol for an era. ” (214) Probation was legal ordinance forbidding alcohol of any kind but they continued to consume it. “Drinking among young people appears to have been greatest at the very beginning and again in the second half of the twenties” (214)