Moreover, the organization must also have a strategic capacity planning to ensure that it would meet future demands and would not affect the long-term commitment with consumers. Likely, does the organization have the design and effective capacity. One example of a company that ex. bits an excellent strategic capacity planning is the High Acres Landfill in Fairport New York. The landfill was first opened in public during 1 971 at a 21 8-acre diameter. Before, the landfill receives roughly 3,000 tons of waste per day and has only 27 employees.

Now, known to be owned and controlled by the Waste Management Inc. The landfill operates approximately on a 1,000-acre site and is focused on sustainability through recycling and renewable energy production. The landfill is being funded by fees paid by households who gave away their trashes. Modern landfill works in a systematic process. The management first digs a hole-?like a tub-?and wastes are being dumped there with daily cover of soil of about 6 inches. When the hole is eventually filled and exhausted, now forms a hill, the landfill is being planted with grass.

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The site is usually converted into scooper. Within the said park are recreational activities. As times goes by, the piled wastes decompose and emit a methane gas that is somehow harmful to the environment. That is why, the Waste Management Inc. Ensures that top, bottom, sides and every layer of waste dumped into the landfill are guarded by nonprogrammable liners. The liners serve to avoid leakage of a harmful toxic called lactate (produced by chemicals, heavy metals, etc. ) to the groundwater. Management is also capturing the methane gas, processing it, and turning it into clean natural gas.

The said methane gas goes through a vacuum, being cooled, converted and mixed with other chemicals that will later on result to electricity for thousands of household nearby. Now, the trash becomes power. Though at first, people in Fairport, New York considered the construction of landfill as a bad thing, dirty and unpleasant to the community, a visit in the landscape will eliminate the misconceptions. As to say, the landfill itself is free of odor, except maybe when there is an arrival Of truck in the dumpiest loaded with wastes.

This kind of system is not only beneficial for he community, but also for the environment. Of course, the construction and operation of High Acres Landfill and Recycling Center are still subject to state regulations to guarantee that what they do is safe for the community and maintains the sustainability they are saying. As to say, Waste Management Inc. Has an excellent strategic capacity planning. Coming up with this big thing is exceptional, turning those wastes into power. I just hope Philippines has this kind of system that can help not only preserve the wellness of nature, but also make a new one.