Mary-Jog with a beautiful, structurally-sound home; meeting their needs and specifications, and within their budget of $300,000. 00. Throughout the planning and building processes, our Project Management team’s strategy will be based on the process Of setting objectives, measuring results, as well as gaining and providing feedback to ensure growth and progress. Communication will be strong with the clients, stakeholders, subcontractors, and project team throughout the duration of this project as changes may occur due to various factors.

In the event of said changes, a Change Management Plan has been created and the client (homeowners) will have the final say in what will be affected. Human Resources requirements and plans have been set to ensure that stakeholders, clients, and the project team are aware of what responsibilities are place unto whom. Therefore, all parties involved are aware of who to communicate with, what milestones are to be met and when, and who to convey concerns/issues with, should they arise.

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All construction is to be completed by June 30th, 201 5, leaving ample time for interior decorating. The following Project Plan will outline the construction of he home, excluding any time needed for interior decorating. As well, this plan will consider objectives, assumptions and constraints, dependencies, scope, work breakdown, schedule plan, budget plan, risk, quality, project metrics, human resource requirements, responsibility, and issue and change management.

Project Objectives The desired outcome of Project: Home Sweet Home is to ensure that Benny and Mary-Jog have a move-in ready, structurally sound, custom home, within their budget and time requirements. The specific objectives are: Stay within $300,000. 00 budget Ensure that home is built in a manner such that it passes all regulatory inspections and meets all regulatory codes The layout of the home will be open-concept; good for entertaining and raising a family There must be 4 bedrooms. The master bedroom must have an unsuited bathroom, and there must be at least 1. More bathrooms in the house All appliances (fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer) must be installed by move- in date The home will be built and ready for move-in by Saturday, July 18th, 2015 The assumptions within this project are that: Funds of $300,000. 0 are available to use A move in date of Saturday, July 1 8th, 2015 All required permits will be attained It is reasonable to assume that the budget may come in over or under what Mary-Jog and Benny originally anticipated. Should any of these assumptions not be true, a re-planning strategy will need to be in place immediately.

For example, if permits delayed, it will cause a delay in building time. Should that delay OCCUr, workers will have less time to get the house move in ready by the date provided by the future homeowners. If this scenario occurs, it may be required that workers work overtime, or ore workers be used, therefore more funds will need to go into payment of the workers. Specific constraints related to this project include: Duration of time to obtain permits or pass inspections Duration of time to build home Budget Natural elements (i. E. Weather) Staffing (days off due to illness, vacation, or emergencies) Potential changes in home layout, design, or plan The constraints listed are both internal and external. The stakeholders, clients, Project Management Team, and subcontractors have all been made aware of these constraints and the challenges that come along with them. These challenges have been addressed in the Issue and Change Management Plan. Foundation & Landscape External dependencies are a large factor in the development of the foundation and landscape.

For instance, if there were to be three consecutive days of rain, this part of the project will be delayed until the ground is workable for these project elements. Outside Tasks Again, external dependencies will play a large role in the commencement and continuation of the outside tasks. Weather will be a contributing factor. If the weather conditions are not cohesive for roofing, this part of the project will be allayed, thus delaying some of the inside tasks. Inside Tasks There is a lot of internal dependency here.

This part of the project could rely on whether workers show up for work, are on time for work, and if permits are approved on time. As well, if one part of the inside project is delayed, it could create a “domino-effect’ for others. If mechanics, for instance, rely on certain electrical projects being complete, and those projects are not completed by their deadline, it will hinder the ability for the mechanical aspect to be completed. Required Inspections This will rely on the accurate and proper completion of all the aforementioned parts of the project.

If something is not completed per regulatory standards, it will put a delay in the timeline and the budget could be compromised should an aspect of the project not be completed per the regulatory code. Project: Home Sweet Home was created in order to provide Mary-Jog and Benny with assurance that their dream home would be built to their specifications, using no more than a $300,000. 00 budget, by Saturday, July 18th, 2015. Our Project Management Team is committed to offering them a structurally-sound, move in-ready home with 4 bedrooms, 2 h bathrooms, hat meets all regulatory codes and has all specified appliances.

Restrictions and potential challenges have been addressed (such as weather hindrances and permit delays) and all stakeholders have been advised of the communication plan should such issues arise. Stakeholders and homeowners are in agreement that, should changes arise, they will assist in supporting the Project Management Team in determining how changes will need to be made. Subcontractors have been hired to advise, assist, and do work on this project. These subcontractors are also well-educated on the Change Management Plan and are also aware of our communication processes and procedures.

Staffing: Lost time due to staff absences Medium ill ensure that staff is not overworked, and allowed an appropriate amount of days off for vacation. Natural Elements: Losing time due to bad weather Low If we Start to have multiple days Of bad weather, and then installing once weather permitting. Will kick into building offside When it comes to quality specifications, it is important to keep the homeowner’s objectives in mind. Mary-Jog and Benny wanted to ensure that their home was move-in ready, open-concept, 4 bedrooms, 2. 5 bathrooms, with all appliances.

As the Project Manager, it is expected that I am able to offer them all of these things within their set budget. To ensure that I am meeting all of their requests, and that nothing has changed for them, I will continuously stay in communication and, when able to, bring them through the home as it is being built to ensure that it is what they were expecting. Should any changes need to be made, it is best to do so in the earlier stages of building. To ensure that they are up-to-date of the budget and timeline allocations, communication is imperative.

Advising Mary-Jog and Benny where their money is going is very important to ensure that they are maintaining confidence with the project and will be happy with the overall result. Acceptance Testing Process / Project Metrics Mary-Jog and Benny want their house move-in ready for July 18th, 201 5 using no more than a $300,000. 00 budget. The following metrics display the client’s needs, how they will be determined, and questions to ask in determining them: 1. COST Will the project meet the budget?

Cost Performance Index will be determined 2. TIME Will the project be done on time? A list of scheduled dates/milestones will be given A Schedule Plan will be followed 3. RISK Are challenges/changes planned? Are we effectively managing these challenges/changes? Are the stakeholders aware of the challenges/changes and what we will do to correct them? 4. SCOPE Are all parties involved prepared to change the plan should challenges arise? Will these changes still allow for the project to be completed on time and within budget? . QUALITY Are quality targets met? Are the clients happy? Are all inspections met successfully? The human resource recess that will be required throughout the course of this project are: Project Team Members Project Manager: Shelby Hemingway Project Assistant: Haley Maxwell Project Manager from Deluded Homes (builders): Darrel Deluded Financial Officer/Co-ordination: Nick Vermicelli Project Consultant: Beyond Carter The Project Manager will initiate, oversee, review, and approve all facets of the project.

Prior to any new development, Shelby will be responsible for ensuring that all parties are prepared and ready for work. Shelby will work closely with the Project Management Team, particularly the subcontractors and Financial Officer/Co-ordination. Shelby will also ensure that all permits are in place and correspond with regulatory bodies to ensure final inspections are successful. The Project Assistant, Haley Maxwell will ensure that all liberals stay in-line with their budget and timeliness. Minor occurrences and issues will be relayed through Haley.

She will also assist the Project Manager with administrative tasks and site visits. The Project Manager from Silverware Homes will be responsible to ensure that homebuilding activities follow their schedule and budget plan. He will ensure that all variances in the aforementioned plans are reported to the project Management Team in a timely manner, and will be proactive in forecasting any issues or changes. The Financial Officer/Co-ordination plays an integral role in budgeting, and recasting the budget for all project activities.

Reporting directly to, and working closely with, the Project Manager, Nick is responsible for ensuring that all monies spent are allocated and done so in a cost-efficient manner. The Project Consultant, Beyond Carter, will primarily be a liaison for all parties including the Project Management Team, subcontractors, stakeholders, and clients. This will require Beyond to be “on-call” and work atypical working hours. Beyond will ensure that all parties are aware of issues, changes, and requests, as well as make sure notification is provided to effected parties immediately.