The first is design of goods and services. HER customer do not just want a meal, they want an experience. So, Hare’s product is not only the food, they also provide drinks, music, memorabilia, rock concerts, retails… Etc. They create and test products for customer satisfaction and cost is one point of their success. Customer recommendation make HER improve their food, music and services. The second is the quality. HER hired the quality people, then trained them to provide the quality services to the customers. The third is process design. I think this is the most important.

A good food production process can decrease the money cost and time cost, and make sure to provide quality meals. Also, a good process of receiving the customers can make the restaurant receive more customers in peak time, increase the efficiency and table turnover rate of restaurant. HER works to create products in an efficient manner, analyzing them for cost, quality, and labor requirements. The whole production process, from receiving ingredients, storage, grilling, baking, and frying is designed to create a quality meal for the customer. The forth is the location strategy.

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Location is a major long-time decision that can make or break business strategy. Hare’s customer objective is tourists, so they are located in destination cities. The fifth is layout strategy. An efficient kitchen layout can increase the efficiency. A good dinning layout can make the customer more satisfactorily. The sixth is the human resource. HER hired the staff carefully, they would select the people accord to their passion to serene. When choosing HER employees, competency in job skills is not the only criteria to be taken in consideration.

Make sure provide the best service for customers. The seventh is supply chain management. In any food service operation, the supply chain management is very important. HER got the right ingredients at the right place and the right time from a qualified suppliers. The eighth is the inventory. HER clean and store very carefully, make sure the quality food ingredients. The ninth is the scheduling. Most HER sales are driven by tourists, the fluctuations in seasonal, daily, and hourly demands for food are huge. The last one is maintenance.