Goal of Accuracy (desire to achieve accurate perception of reality) 1 . Affect and Arousal use feelings as cues for effective responding affect infusion model (AIM): targets mood matters fear-then-relief procedure 2. That’s Not All Technique (TAN) short time for rational decision making present initial deal, and then immediately sweeten the deal. Higher anchor point, range of acceptance. 3. Resistance disrupt then airframe technique (DIRT): 3 dollars, 300 pennies, it’s a bargain… Keep reframing!! 4. Authority and Obedience rewarded for behaving in accordance with authority, holocaust 5.

Social norms follow social norms especially during times of uncertainty to AC respond to social situations. Goal of Affiliation (desire to maintain meaningful social relationships) 1 . Liking – the more we like and approve of them, the more likely we comply with his or her requests (for help). – heuristics lead Pl to respond as if there is truly meaningful relationships. Egg. Shared names, birthdays and other superficial stuff let them comply request. – trivial dialogue by salespeople – impression management (remembering name) 2.

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Reciprocation repay others for what they have given->strongest and most pervasive forces in all human cultures. (builds trust and equity) 3. Door-in-the-face technique – precede actual request with a more extreme request likely to get rejected Pl feel like since the salesperson compromised, he/she compromises as well and this causes compliance. Evaluations: size of concession don’t matter Conch: it doesn’t matter only after a bottom line threshold is met and it is interpreted as past an authentic concession. (got more but skipped cause not relevant) Goal of Maintaining a Positive Self-Concept (behaving consistently) 1 .

Foot-in- the-door technique – comply with small request (almost certainly accepts) then requester makes larger, related request. This causes Pl to reflect their recent actions, changing self-view cause wan be more consistent and therefore likely comply more. – those with clearer self-concepts (l AM VERY CONSISTENT) would succumb to FIT. – preference for consistency (FPC) scale. Those high on scale likely to comply (more but stopped at ‘together’. ) 2. Consistency and Commitment – consistent to previous behaviors and commitments (FIT is consistent with recent actions). Example is volunteers for AIDS awareness. Those who made active commitments more likely to show up and forceful displays usually attributed to persons OWN traits, attitudes, and tendencies… Rather than just presenting resell as good. – PUBLIC Commitments: low ball technique. After committing to buy the car, salesperson modifies and person more likely complies. – Got more…. May be important if u use this point. Conformity – changing one’s behavior to match responses of others – informational is desire to form accurate interpretation of reality and behave erectly.