Monday February 24, 2014 Steelmakers War Joe the Boss” Masseurs ;i (4-15-31) THE COMMISSION The Five Families of New York, Chicago and Buffalo Battle between the Joe “The Boss” Masseurs and Sal Maroon o Maroon-?old school Sicilian, midtown Manhattan Masseurs-?Americanizes, East Harlem “Little Italy” Both wanted to be “the Boss of the Boss,” so an incredible war broke out with hundreds of murders. Maroon brought over new recruits from Sicily, and it became apparent that he was going to win the war. The other bosses contact Maroon and say it is clear he is going to win, so lets avoid more blood shed. Lucian arranges for a dinner with Masseurs, gets up at the end of dinner, and a group of hit man come in and kill Masseurs on April 15, 1931. Maroon becomes the Boss of Bosses and created the Five Families.

Lucian and the other bosses realize that Maroon is never going to get along with them. So, a bunch of men dress up as IRS and Police and go to his office pretending they need to talk to him. They then shot/stab and kill Maroon on September 10, 1 931. Lucian is recognized as most respected, influential and powerful. He decides to make The Commission, so they will all stop fighting with each other. The Commission reorganizes the five families. NY Mafia Families ; Genomes Family o Charles Lucian Head of all New York prostitution at the time. Thomas Dewey decides to go after him. Dewey arrests over 100 of the prostitutes and questions them. Many of the girls agree to cooperate. Lucian indicted and sentenced. Vito Allusion’s underbids Indicted for murder, fled to Italy o Frank Costello Takes over while Lucian is in jail. Murder charges were dropped against Genomes, Genomes returns. Animosity between the two. Costello and Anastasia had a close relationship because they were the Bosses of the two biggest families, so they kept Vito Genomes at bay from taking over. When Anastasia is murdered, Gambling and Genomes form a close relationship like Costello and Anastasia. Genomes decides this is his chance to gain power. He hires Vincent Gigantic to assassinate Costello. Gigantic fails to kill him. Costello decides to step down and retire. Vito Genomes is the Boss. Genomes is only the boss for about a year before arrested for heroine dealing.

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Gangster image of suit in pinstripes came from him, wanted to be looked at as a business man. Tried to stay out of drug dealing. o Vincent Gigantic Fakes insanity by roaming the streets in bathrobe-? Never goes to jail into 1996. Gambling F-Emily o Albert Anastasia Boss Of the family after the Steelmakers War. Underbids of Anastasia, older than Anastasia He is older than Anastasia, so Gambling has Anastasia killed so he can be Boss. Historically, the Genomes has always been largest and strongest and most influential. The only exception to this is when Gambling was Boss. ** ; Dies in sleep in early 1 sass. But before he died, he did not designate his underbids, Neil Deliverance to be boss.

Gambling says he wants his cousin and brother in law to take over, Castellated. Paul Castellated Never a thug involved in Labor unions, meat business o John Got Captain, Deliverance was his mentor. Many people were upset about Castellated being Boss, but Deliverance would not permit any retaliation against decision. Deliverance dies of brain cancer and Got decides with Sammy “The Bull” Groans to have Castellated killed. This was big because it was an unauthorized murder of a boss, which The Commission forbids. Got had contract out for him to be killed, but just missed being killed by bomb. His hero was AY Capons, never hid that he was a mafia boss, wore $3,000 suits.

Early sass indicted him, but had been indicted four other times and acquitted. The only reason they convicted him was because they arrested his endorses Sammy “The Bull” Groans as well, and he ratted on Got. Sentenced to life without parole and dies of cancer in prison. Leeches Family o Thomas Leeches Early 1953, quiet guy, kids went to major schools A lot of energy went to fighting with Gallo group in New Jersey. o Tony Corolla The Commission Case-?put together to indict the five families because of the book Bonanza wrote. Rudolph Giuliani was the head prosecutor. Corolla is convicted and goes to jail. o Anthony Cases Takes over after Corolla goes to jail in sass. underbids to Corolla.

After he is arrested he decides he wants to cooperate with the government. While in jail, he is having contraband smuggled in and beat a guy almost to death. Government pulls the plug on the cooperation agreement, so Cases decides to go on 60 min. Anthony Cases Interview (60 min) o Admitted to 36 murders o Talks of his attempted assassination o Learned about the mafia from his dad, who was a mob enforcer, worked at the docks o Being boss was better than being a celebrity o Describes how each family gets a certain percent of the profits made, o Treated up when referencing his family o Talks about the two cops he had on his payroll, who committed murders for him.

Police Detective on Mafia Payroll Interview (60 min) o Stephen Carapace and Louis Polite are the two cops convicted of murdering 8 people, ordered by the mafia, 0 Carapace is interviewed and denies involvement o Polite had a family history of corrupt cops, wrote about it in a book. COLOMBO Family o How the five families got their name? 1963 Joseph Vivaldi testified about the existence of the mafia. All of the men Genomes, Gambling, Leeches, Bonanza, except Colombo. Profit was the head of the Colombo family at the time of the hearing. Bill Bonanza married Approaches daughter, so they were close. Profit and Bonanza had a lot of animosity between themselves and the other three Godfathers. Commission designated specific areas to each family and did not allow them to expand out side of that area (Ex. Profit had Bronx). Hence, there were relative parameters around their earning abilities.

These two men felt that since they were smaller and less fortunate, they were being left out of lucrative business deals. Profit and Bonanza plotted to assassinate Gambling, Leeches and Genomes. However, Profit died of natural causes in 1963, and so did the plot. Colombo new about the plot and went straight to the Commission and old them about it. They basically kick Joe Bonanza out and award Colombo by making him the Boss of the family. The Commission thought they were going to be able to control that family, but they were wrong. Joe Colombo formed this Italian-American Civil Rights League. Protested the producers of “The Godfather” to not use the word mafia in the film. He was interviewed on television shows.

Commission warned him to stop bringing attention to the mafia, but Colombo would not listen. He planned the second annual rally, had all shops closed so all employees were there. Colombo is giving his speech ND a loan gunman comes up and shoots him. He goes into a coma for seven years and died in 1978. Carmine Persist The Boss that was indicted as a result of Bonsai’s book being published. Sentenced to 100 years in Jail o Alfonse Persist Son of Persist This is who professor Magna lives next to. He went to jail in mid sass for stock fraud. Joe Bonanza o Interviewed in 60 minutes, o Bonanza Wars o LOOK up IN BOOK. Gallant o Major heroine dealer.

However, Bonanza denies any involvement in heroine o Murdered and indicted for heroine Vincent Soar o Student who said that Soar is his uncle, Commission kept Bonanza family from bringing in new members. This changed and the early 1 sass they increased their power and FBI had to create two separate units for the Wednesday February 26, 2014 Godfathers versus The Law Part II (On Youth) Lucky Lucian o Diamond o Americanizes the mafia o prostitution o Organized The Commission Anthony (Tony) Accord o “Joe Batters,” “Big Tuna” o “Little AL” -phone bug planted in downtown office o Family Pact -We won’t touch your family, and you don’t touch ours; agreed between FBI and Chicago Mob.

Carols Marcello o New Orleans Godfather o Illegal Alien o “The Little Man “-Height of 52” 1 sass Costello kicked out of New York, but allowed to bring slot machines into New Orleans by paying off Senator Hughes of New Orleans o Marcello had a Marijuana ring-?never got convicted o He corrupted about every official in the city 0 Bobby Kennedy hated him and eventually succeeded in deporting him. He made it his career to destroy organized crime o Is he responsible for JEFF death? o Is he responsible for REF death? o RICH created-?1980 charged him, found him guilty of racketeering and sentenced him to seven years. Buggy Siegel o The Flamingo o Gus Greenberg-?took over The Flamingo, later refused to retire and he ND his wife’s throat was slit March 10, 2014 Joe Bonanza (60 Min Video) Prostitution, Narcotics, Kill for money-?According to Bonanza, no one in his family is allowed to be involved in these things.

Bill Bonanza o Son o Most lavish wedding of mafia history o Stayed in mafia because of love of heritage, and love of another person (father) CHICAGO Jim Colossal o Boss o Active before prohibition o Reluctant to expand operations into other areas Johnny Torrid o Nephew of Colossal o Part of Five Points gang in New York o Colossal asks him to com out and organize a lot of the operations o Colossal met a women ND becomes less and less involved 0 1919-?Torrid asked AY Capons to come help him run operations 0 Arnold Rottenest of the Italians AY Capons o Capons convinces Torrid to assassinate Colossal in 1920, so he does not hinder their operations and development, o Irish-American mobster rivals of Capons-?Odin Abandon and Bugs Moran Valentines Day Massacre 1929 o Capons heard that Bugs Moran was having a meeting in a garage in downtown Chicago, dress as cops and killed all the seven men; Moran was late. Moran fled, but it generated a huge amount of publicity that aimed to shut Capons down. IIS versus Sullivan 1927** o All income was subject to taxation, illegal and legal, o Indicted Capons on income tax evasion 0 1931-?Capons went to jail, sentenced 11 years in Atlanta. He bought the prison, which poised FBI off, so they send him to Allocate.

He had syphilis, released from prison because they thought his sickness was due to him being in isolation and they did not want to be blamed, o Moved to Miami to house on palm Island. Eventually died in 1947. Frank Ninth o Hand picked successor by Capons when he went to jail, o Sent a bunch of people out to Los Angels. Sent people directly to movie audios, unless they pay a kick back to Chicago, they will be killed. They paid for a bit and then became disgruntled, so FBI found out about it. This brought a lot of bad publicity and he eventually commits suicide. Anthony Accord o Chauffer for AY Capons o Ruled Chicago for several decades, never went to jail. Only conviction was an IRS conviction, which was overturned in appeals court, o Retired and died of natural causes.

Sam Ghanaian o Accord chose him to be his successor o Swung Illinois votes, so JEFF won the state, o Girlfriend was also girlfriend of JEFF, who gave a lot of information in both directions, Mcguire Sisters Band-?Phyllis Mcguire, lead singer, dated Ghanaian, summoned by the court to testify, o CIA approached him to assassinate Castro, 0 1968-?Dead to Mexico out of fear of being indicted, ran out of money, returned to US in 1975. Somebody came into his kitchen and killed him one day. PHILADELPHIA ; Nigh Rosen o Sent by NY mafia to bring all the gangs together. Angelo Bruno “The Quiet/Gentle Don” o Did not want to expand into new territory because they had Atlantic City and New Jersey as well, o Murdered in 1 980 Phil Tests o underbids to Bruno o Only ruled for a year o Killed by a bomb on his front porch. Knick Scarf 0 Commission was upset about two unauthorized killings Of Bosses and tell Scarf to take care of it.

Choose Scarf to be the Boss. o Soldier under Bruno, Hot head, bad temper, which Bruno hated. Scarf stabbed a person with a table knife to death when he got into an argument. Bruno promoted him from soldier to captain and sent to Atlantic City for exile; at the time it was a resort in major decay. Turns out to be a blessing when gambling legalized there. Phillip Looniest o Scarf’s nephew o Chosen to be the underbids when Scarf became the Boss, o Eventually arrested in major mafia take down by FBI. Before sentenced, Looniest calls FBI to talk. They decided to be sentenced and then talk to him, so they do not have to tell his lawyer and put his life in danger.