Overtime I made the decision to make changes in my eating habits by limiting nun food to once a day and making several small changes such as replacing acidic drinks and juices for water with meals. I definitely started noticing changes in my figure as well as fitness, however was not pleased with the slow progress. Over time, became to recognize that I may have been born with poor genetics as I assessed my father and brothers figure. Our ability to burn fat is disadvantaged to some others. I definitely would categorize my body type to be between and endomorphism and a mesosphere.

After a few medical checks I was pleased to hear that I do not have any allergies so am free to eat all kinds of food. My Only restrictions are that am of Islamic faith so any meat coming from a pig is forbidden in my religion. The fact that I have no allergies has allowed me to keep an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle. I maintain a balanced diet and enjoy food like nuts, dairy, meats etc. My current goal is to attain a lean muscular figure. I actively go to the gym 6 days a week and find lifting weights a therapeutic activity as it relieves me from certain stresses in day-to-day life.

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I am pleased that I had a solid foundation to begin with and found it rather easy to put on muscle with the genetics I was presented with. It now is my aim to continue eating low- crab meals that will aid me in becoming leaner in due time. Commentary did not find the process of recording my food challenging as have had previous experience doing so. The food I ate during the two days was not influenced by the fact that I knew I was recording my days worth of food. However, I ate naturally as I usually would. In the process of recording I resulted to the mobile version of My Fitness pal on my phone to aid in recording the food I ate.

This made the process of recording the foods I ate easy and I did not manage to forget as it was done with the preparation of ACH meal. With regards to portion size I usually have sandwich bags weighed out at egg for protein sources such as chicken, fish and steaks. They are defrosted and the exact portion is prepared making the process easier. It usually results in accurate measure with regards to my diet and speeds up the process. Did however steer away from eating out on the two days, as I was curious to check whether my diet was on track.

The reason I did not have any take away foods was mainly because I am unable to exercise portion control. Prepared meals by a fast food outlet or restaurant are sometimes greater than usual serving sizes. The fact that my diet consisted of home prepared meals and simple snacks made the process of recording simple and straight to the point. One feature I enjoy about using My Fitness Pal is the ability to scan food product Barbados and microinstructions are requested by the database and the food entry is added to my diary seamlessly. This eliminates the process Of entering foods microinstructions individually which saves time and effort.

The following are figures suggested by Infinitesimal upon entering my gender, age, weight and level of physical activity. Infinitesimal also allows the user to select their fitness goal. My current goal is to maintain my weight and add lean muscle tissue. The Presented figures shown however do not represent my diet. From personal past diet and exercise experience my body does not respond adequately to the suggested carbohydrate intake, as I believe it is not metabolize well and IS stored as fat in my body. Rather I choose to increase my protein intake to meet my caloric daily needs to about egg composing of *** calories.

Similarly, carbohydrate intake is restricted to egg a day composing of 1 000 calories. Fats will remain the same at egg a day composing of 810 calories. Total caloric intake is resultant in 720 + 1000 + 810 = 2530 CUDGELLER: Summary Pages from your Dietary Analysis student Name: Ram Alchemical student number: 310269520 Tutor Name Rental Connell Program or App used: Infinitesimal Students details Value Age (yr) 21 Gender Weight (keg) 80 Height (CM) 180 physical Activity Level (PACE) Light-Moderate 1 . 70 Estimated Energy Requirement (ERE) (k) 13445 Body Mass Index (IBM) 24. Your results Enter your Average daily intake or consumption in the table below. This is the average of your two (or more) days of food diary records. Round Off to nearest whole number. Ignore the EAR, ILL and SDTV figures. Nutrient My total intake for the day My RID or AH * Energy, k 10460 11,297 Protein, g 206. 5 101 Total fat, g 38. 5 Saturated fat, g 12 Carbohydrates, g 205 Sugars, g 44. 5 Sodium, MGM 1875 2,300 Dietary fiber, g 32 30 Water, g 3200 3,400 Alcohol (g) if consumed ;k suggested by the program or you can find values for your profile at http:// www. Nor. Gob. U ** Or use Goof protein per kilogram of body weight Your % energy values Enter your values in the table below. % of kilojoules derived from: Recommended Figures for a Healthy Adult (goals) My values calculated from program or App Min Max k from protein % 20 33 k from fat (total) % 27 k from fat (saturated) %* 10 8 k from carbohydrate % 50 43 k from alcohol % * * optional: if your program supplies you with that information Or use lag of protein per kilogram of body weight Discussion During my two day experiment of healthy eating as well as exercise I was able to successfully record my dietary intake using the my fitness Pal.

In comparison to the recommended figures, my results varied in regards to my personal set goals, exercise and dietary intake. Below I represented the same table of figures and appended the discussion separately for each nutrient. Of kilojoules derived from: Discussion for protein My value calculated was very high compared to the Recommended figures for a Healthy Adult. However this categorization in my opinion does not represent that an increase of protein would deem my diet to be unhealthy. In previous discussions of this report we have established that my goals are different to the average adult.

If I’m to actively participate in bodybuilding activities then feeding the muscle protein regularly is required for increased recovery. Discussion for fat Fats are mostly composed of healthy mono and poly saturated fats. These help aid in fat loss and purposely try to incorporate them to a high degree in my diet. This is apparent in my choice to consume avocado on day 2 and walnuts and almonds regularly k from fat (saturated) %* Discussion for Saturated Fats am unaware whether this figure may be accurate.

I tend to choose lean sources of protein however since my diet is high in protein I think it is inevitable to consume saturated fats from animal sources. Overall I am not too worried about this figure although it is leaning towards the maximum because I know I rarely consume fried foods and even my selection of reduces such as cheese are low in fat. 40 Discussion for Carbohydrates was actually pleased with the result achieved I managed to place above the minimum category. This gives me some direction that the carbohydrates I’m consuming are where I aimed for it to be.

At times I do feel hungry although I am not satisfied because haven’t consumed enough carbohydrates as would have liked to enjoy however I feel this is the sacrifice I need to make in order to be in a small deficit of calories. On some days increase my carbohydrates as you can notice the difference as day 1 1 consumed only egg whereas on my second day I consumed egg. k from alcohol % * Discussion for Alcohol No alcohol was consumed on the two days. Although alcohol consumption is not an issue for me. Rarely drink unless there happens to be an occasion so the reading of zero is consistent.

I think this signifies the importance I place on a healthy lifestyle. Improvements to my daily diet Looking over my food diary intake and reflecting on the quality of my diet am overall pleased with the way my diet is. Have been on this diet constantly for about a year now and have noticed excellent results. Although you do not e miraculous weight loss results however a diet similar to mine promotes longevity and guarantees permanent fat loss. Three ways could possibly improve my diet include 1. Increase the consumption of water.