Frost gives no consolation for the “grief’ suffered after this decay, but merely states the fact of its occurrence. Anonymous flogger creates an interesting interpretation of the poem and builds upon some widely held notions that the poem reminds us “to hold on to [our] innocence, Stay true to [ourselves] and maintain [our] youth” for as long as we are able (“Stay gold, Bony). The poem has been interpreted in the novel ‘The Outsiders’ too. In the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” Robert Frost creates a seasons of one’s life, picturesque, vivid and describe the year passing as the colors do with time.

The poem is only eight lines long, but it possesses some powerful thoughts. Frost writes about how hard it is to hold onto youth and quickly time flies by after only flowering from an hour. Carney and Donald Freeman supports the Robert Frost poem through articles. In first four lines, Frost disclose the beauty of world and makes us believe of trees like the willow, which are golden early in spring, before they cultured to green. Gold in poem especially represents the temporary sparkle of new life of leaf and also talks of anything we hold valuable in life.

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The poem set the image of human comparison to the seasons of natural world. The full concept of nature in the poem is the belief of it having a first green, both the green leafs on trees and other plants or premature youth of the individual. Somewhat Frost describes a child can’t be a child forever, ever body grown up sooner or later, when it is said that it can hold onto the hue of gold. Frost also describes that childhood is the only phase of human life that everyone wants to live for, they don’t want to get old. Similar to the leafs they don’t want to fade and fall. Her early leaf’s a flower” rein forces the passage of time (Frost 1. 3). Frost this line gets narrates with what he was talking in line 1. The ‘first green’ of the first line becomes ‘early leaf just like nature’s first green is gold, her first leaf is a flower. Also, this early leaf represent the first leaf to grow from the branches of trees as spring arrives and bushes bloom with gorgeous flower and then being replaced by green leafs in the summer or the first symbols of a young person entering elder lines. “But only so an hour,” sensation that first kind of the leaf is the flower which doesn’t last very long (Frost 1. ). Frost relate this line with when the sun appears up, everything is flourishing and flower is blooming, but when the sun arise high in the sky, everything get turns into its normal color, which once looked like golden flower, what they truly look like is green leaf. The message remains that this beautiful blossoming flower with great potential cannot last very long. The poem diverts the mind of the reader in a second half, it expose the outcome of the nature’s descent from green to gold. Frost goes on to say then “leaf subsides to leaf’ which impose the frame of its significance (Frost 1. ). This line revels what happens after the early leaf. The early leaf is no longer a premature leaf, it fall down or descent to become another leaf. For instant, early leaf in the morning is much prettier than the leaf at midday. It demonstrates the decompose of leaf, which was pure and precious as gold in its primitive time of existence. Here, Frost justify the fall in the Garden of Eden, in which human life was flourished. He relates it with biblical reference, when Eve eats the apple of forbidden Garden of Eden, all the spell and beauty changes into common place from unique place.

Here the eating the forbidden apple change the promise of a beautiful life in the Garden of Eden into grief. Similarly, the premature green leaf sinks into the ordinary golden flower which means that the green leaf only wants to be green leaf not a golden flower. Frost manipulate this part to explain the things in nature, including lives Of people flourish up to the growing point of its apex before they sink to grief. Fuss like flower collapse of denote to overtake leaf. And the poem suggests it’s the way it goes and can’t be changed “so dawn goes down to day’ which demonstrate the meaning of poem back to the natural world (Frost 1. ). This line additionally make compare to the color of spring to twist from gold to green i. E. It point to daily cycle of day and night rather than the annual yoke of the season. Frost indicates, dawn is a first light, a time of refilling and rebirth, which is the most beautiful and scenic, but its sooner or later goes down to become day which is comparatively boring and mundane. Frosts poem “Nothing Gold can Stay’ was written in 1 923, and yet in the year 201 5 the poem is still relevant and has maintain cultural relevance. An anonymous flogger for constitutional. Mom interprets this poem in a new way giving different analysis. While the flogger was wondering through a store they found the words “stay gold, Pony’s” written a shelf which he terms as arbitrating,” Stay gold Bony’). He got the clue that the word was written by two different people, and creates an interesting interpretation of the poem and build some analysis regarding to the famous line from the 1983 movie ‘The Outsiders’ The flogger suggest that “we just need to take some time to notice the world and that can make a difference”, building some widely help notions that the poem reminds us (“stay gold, Bony’).

The flogger connects the beauty of leaf and tree with the innocence and hope captures. He describes, it easy to fovea forward in our lives and cares similar to et jaded, disgruntled as we move on. The blob tries to explore the idea how today’s youth are vanishing their peak and losing their purity as “Nothing gold can Stay” among the youth and their generation. (Frost 1. 6). Poetry is not something that most people gets the Idea and interpret it.

Each line, every image has explanation, interpretation and emotional value, in fact poetry has capture its account or fame for being not easy to explain. Robert Frost’s Poem “Nothing Gold can Stay/’ can be taken as the best example of this idea. The poet was written in 1923, which helped the Frost to earn the 1924 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Although the poem was not been widely read; it is extensively known poems among the Millennial generation.

The reason for its popularity is not because of Frost, rather it is because of the 1923 film The Outsiders which was about gang violence between Greasers and Soc. The movie is from S. E Hint’s novel The Outsiders, which every American Millennial had to read in 7th or 8th grade and subsequently had to watch the movie to understand its idea and interpret it. The poem is stated in the novel itself, but the situation of American Millennial are very familiar with a reticular scene in the movie, where Bony and Johnny are watching the sunrise over a hill.

Johnny and Bony begin discussing how beautiful the sunrise is and how they wish it would last forever. This comment helps Bony remember Frost’s Poem. Once he recites the poem, Bony remarks that “he never understood what [the poem] meant until now’ as he and Johnny watch the sunrise, and wonder what they are going to do about the trouble back home (“The Outsiders-Nothing Gold can Stay”). Bony comment can be described as how beautiful nature is and how one never really appreciates it until that person stops and watches it happen.